Honours studies provides an opportunity for students to extend their potential with innovative research under the supervision of a member of academic staff, allowing them to develop a deeper level of academic thought in an area of particular interest.

Why Honours

The award of Honours is an avenue by which the most promising students are recognised. By its nature, an honours degree carries more weight or prestige than the conventional degree and is highly regarded by employers, other universities and academic leaders.

During Honours, students have an opportunity to extend their portfolio to include dynamic research to assist students in expressing particular areas of interest to peers and employers.

Honours brings together the skills and knowledge of your undergraduate degree offering a new perspective and meaning to your educational life.

Honours opens up a world of opportunities, and can introduce you to influential people while undergoing your research - equipping you with skills and knowledge that you will draw on for the rest of you professional life.

Honours allows you to progress seamlessly into graduate studies including the Masters of Philosophy and PhD research degrees in a number of disciplines.

Honours candidates with an outstanding academic record throughout the degree and who have achieved Honours Class I are strong candidates for the award of the prestigious University Medal

What does an Honours Year Involve?

Your Honours year is to be taken full-time over two consecutive semesters by taking 48 credit points of the following units of study:

For Architecture Candidates: Dissertation and Research Methods

ARCH4003 and ARCH4004 in the first semester and ARCH4005 and ARCH4006 in the second semester.

For Design Computing Candidates: Design Computing Honours Research

DECO4001 and DECO4002 in the first semester and DECO4003 and DECO4004 in the second semester

There are no formal classes, and students are expected to make arrangements for regular (weekly) contact with their supervisor on an individual basis to chart the work, receive advice, review and monitor progress.

At the conclusion of the year students are expected to submit a body of work, usually a dissertation, properly bound for addition to the Sci-tech library where there is an honours and master's dissertation collection.

Honours Awards and Classes

The honours degree is awarded in classes ranging from First Class to Second Class.

Honours Class I


Honours Class II (Division 1)

75 <=Mark<80

Honours Class II (Division 2)

70 <=Mark<75

Honours not awarded


Candidates for the award of the honours degree who do not meet the requirements, and who have not already graduated, will be awarded the pass degree. Students who fail or discontinue the honours program may not re-enrol in it, except with the approval of the dean.


In order to qualify for admission to the honours degree candidates must satisfy the requirements for the pass degree with a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 70.

Candidates must have completed the requirements for the relevant pass degree or be a graduate of no more than 4 years' standing; and have an approved thesis topic and supervisor.

How to apply

All students who plan to undertake Honours submit an application through Sydney Courses online. Current students can now also apply to transfer through Sydney Student via – My Studies – Course Details - Course Transfers.

Before applying, students must develop a thesis topic and have an allocated supervisor from the faculty’s academic staff. Students should discuss their proposed research with relevant staff prior to applying for admission and upload the topic outline with your application.

It is also possible to have an associate supervisor to share supervision where topics extend beyond the immediate expertise of the primary supervisor. Please discuss this avenue with your primary supervisor.

To make the most of your Honours year, we suggest you work with a supervisor who has an interest and experience in your topic area so they can support you academically.

Students are encouraged to approach an academic from within their discipline to discuss if they currently have capacity to undertake an Honours candidate, and to discuss initial topic ideas.

Phd supervisors from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning, are listed here with their area of interest and expertise.



Your research topic ideally be an area that you’re interested in, and is considered to be addressing an emerging area or knowledge gap in your field.

Students should consider if travel will be necessary, what financial support may be available so support specific research. Topic ideas can be discussed with your chosen supervisor.

Closing Dates

The closing date for all applications for the final honours year is the 31st January, but this may be extended in discussions with Student Administration.

If you have questions on how to apply, please contact the Faculty Student Administration team