'When was early modernity?: The Language of the Self'

9 May, 2013

Putting Periodization to Use: Testing the Limits of Early Modernity: 'When was early modernity?: The Language of the Self'

Four Speakers:
Conal Condren (UNSW)
Hugh Craig (Newcastle)
Simon During (Queensland)
Antonina Harbus (Macquarie)

Chair: Liam Semler (Sydney)

This is an interdisciplinary (and inter-period) seminar, drawing on expertise from medieval studies, early modern studies, and beyond. The focus is on a consideration of "languages of the self", using this consideration to pose questions about the legitimacy of period boundaries and the work performed by periodization in our various disciplinary engagements with the past. 

The seminar is open to all, but prior registration is required. Please contact either Huw Griffiths ( or Nicola Parsons ( to register your interest in attending the seminar, or for any further information.

Location: John Woolley Common Room

Contact:Nicola Parsons

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