Professional Communication Postgraduate Coursework Program

The Professional Communication courses are designed for managers and professionals whose jobs are oriented towards text and communication. The units of study offered teach language and communication skills to a high level, using vocational applications of language in professional contexts. Students select units of study from a pool of units offered by English, E-Communications, Education, Linguistics, and Media and Communication.

This program is administered through the Department of English. Contributions are made to the teaching by other departments, Linguistics, and Media and Communication; and the Faculty of Education.

Programs offered in 2012:

Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication
Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication
Master of Professional Communication

Units of Study offered in 2012:

Units offered by the Department of English can be viewed from the Units of Study Menu option on the left. Units offered by other departments can be viewed from the Units of Study Menu option on that department’s webpage.

Compulsory Core Units
ENGL 6946 Communication in Professional Contexts A – Semester 1
ENGL 6962 Communication in Professional Contexts B – Semester 2
LNGS 7002 Language, Society and Power – Semester 1
ENGL 6912 Issues in Mass Communication – Semester 2

Semester 1
ARIN 6902 Internet Cultures and Governance
ARIN 6912 Digital Research and Publishing
ARIN 6914 Remixable Media
ASNS 6906 Communicating in Asian Contexts
ENGL 6984 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
LNGS 7004 Register and Genre in English
LNGS 7001 Structure of English
LNGS 7575 World Englishes
MECO 6915 Writing Features: Narrative Journalism
TRNS 7000 Translation Studies A
ARTS 7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates

Semester 2
ARIN 6901 Network Society
ASNS 6908 Media Industries in East Asia
LNGS 7006 Cross-Cultural Communication
LNGS 7274 Media Discourse
ARTS 7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates