Postgraduate Coursework Units of Study

ENGL6953 - Journeys of Healing

Semester 1, 2012  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dr Bernadette Brennan


This unit of study introduces some complex, (largely) contemporary, Australian texts that deal in various ways with traumatic journeys through physical and psychological landscapes towards a sense of personal reconciliation. It will encourage students to: reflect on how they understand the relationship between narrative and healing; appreciate the ways in which various Australian writers address issues of gender, ethnic and race politics; and identify ways in which these writers address broader national concerns of rupture and healing in Australian imaginings.


1x5000wd essay (100%)


Randolph Stow, To the Islands. Penguin (1958)
Eva Sallis, Hiam. Allen & Unwin (1998)
Kim Mahood, Craft for a Dry Lake. Anchor/Random House (2000)
Brenda Walker, Reading by Moonlight (2010)
Kim Scott, Benang: From the Heart. Fremantle Arts Centre Press (1999)
Inga Clendinnen, Tiger's Eye. Text (2000)
Director Ivan Sen, Beneath Clouds (2002)
Director Warwick Thornton, Samson and Delilah (2009)
Selection of Australian poetry and theoretical readings
will be provided in class and on elearning site


1x2-hr seminar/week

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