Dr Ursula Potter

PhD, University of Sydney
Honorary Associate Investigator,
Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions

Research areas

  • Shakespeare
  • Parenting and education in early modern drama
  • Greensickness (the disease of virgins)
  • Female adolescent health and Protestant reform

Current projects

  • Interpreting Adolescent Fears in Early Modern Daughters
  • The role of religion in eating disorders today

Selected publications

  • "Religiosity, spirituality in relation to disordered eating and body image concerns: A systematic review" Journal of Eating Disorders 2015, 3:29
  • "Navigating the Dangers of Female Puberty in Renaissance Drama"
    Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 Volume 53.2. Spring 2013, pages 421-439
  • 'No Terence phrase: his tyme and myne are twaine': Erasmus, Terence, and Censorship in the Tudor Classroom
    The Classics in the Medieval and Renaissance Classroom
    eds. Juanita Feros Ruys, John O. Ward, and Melanie Heyworth
    Brepols, 2013
  • 2012 The Trauma of Puberty for Daughters in Godly Households,
    The British World Conference, University of Southern Queensland,
  • 2009 ‘Pubertal process and green-sickness in Renaissance drama:
    a form fruste of anorexia nervosa?’ Australasian Psychiatry Vol 17, No. 5.
  • 2008 ‘Elizabethan Drama and The Instruction of a Christian Woman by
    Juan Luis Vives’, What Nature Does Not Teach: Didactic Literature in the Medieval and Early-Modern Period, ed. Juanita Feros Ruys,
    Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium.
  • ‘The Spectre of the Shrew and the Lash of the Rod: Gendering
    Pedagogy in The Disobedient Child’, Early Modern Academic Drama, eds. Paul Streufert and Jonathon Walker, Ashgate.
  • 2004 ‘Performing Arts in the Tudor Classroom’, Tudor Drama Before Shakespeare, 1485-1590, eds. Lloyd Edward Kermode,
    eds. Jason Scott-Warren, Martine van Elk, Palgrave Macmillan, NY.
  • 2002 ‘Greensickness in Romeo and Juliet: Considerations on a
    Sixteenth-Century Disease of Virgins’, The Premodern Teenager,
    Ed. Konrad Eisenbichler, Toronto, CRRS, Victoria University, Toronto.