Associate Professor Margaret Rogerson

Associate Professor Margaret Rogerson

PhD Leeds MA
Associate Professor

Research Groups

Current project

  • A study of the World Youth Day Stations of the Cross, 2008 and their relevance to medieval theatre.

Publications 2005-2011

  • Rogerson, M (ed.) Forthcoming 2011, The York Mystery Plays: Performance in the City, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, Rochester
  • Rogerson, M 2009, Playing a Part in History: The York Mysteries, 1951-2006, University of Toronto Press, Toronto
  • Rogerson, M, Scahill, J 2005, Annotated Bibliographies of Old and Middle English Literature, Vol VIII, Middle English Saints' Legends, D.S. Brewer, Cambridge
Journal articles
  • Rogerson, M 2010, Should we believe her? Margaret Atwood and uncertainty: a response to Burkhard Niederhoff, Connotations (New York): a journal of critical debate, 19(1-3), 79-91
  • Rogerson, M 2009, Corpus Christi Plays and the Stations of the Cross: Medieval York and Modern Sydney, Sydney Studies in English, 35, 1-30
  • Rogerson, M 2006, Prime-Time Drama: 'Canterbury Tales' for Small Screen, Sydney Studies in English, 32, 45-63
Book chapters
  • Rogerson, M 2007, REED York, Volume 3, The 'Revivals', 'Bring Furth the Pagants': Essays in Early English Drama Presented to Alexandra F. Johnston, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 132-161
  • Rogerson, M 2006, Explaining the 'Mysteries': Medieval Theatre and Modern Fictions, Medieval Cutural Studies: Essays in Honour of Stephen Knight, University of Wales Press, Cardiff UK, 255-267
  • Rogerson, M, Taylor, B S 2006, Teaching Without Texts: Early English Drama for Performance Studies Students, Teaching with the Records of Early English Drama, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 48-69
  • Rogerson, M 2005, Australian 'Everymans': Post-Medieval Spiritual Adventurers, Medievalism and the Gothic in Australian Culture, Brepols, Victoria, Australia, 81-97

Areas of Teaching and Specific Topics

  • Medieval literature and performing arts
  • The legacy of the Middle Ages in later literature and popular culture
  • Medieval manuscript culture
  • Shakespeare
  • Margaret Atwood.
Specific topics
  • English theatre to 1642
  • Revival of medieval theatre for modern audiences
  • Margaret Atwood.