Postgraduate Research Projects

Current projects

  • Annabelle Doherty (PhD, September 2015)
    French Heritage Film and Cinematic Cultural Memory
  • Nathan Krug (PhD, 2016)
    Second language learning through computer-mediated face-to-face interaction
  • Margaret Hennessy (PhD, March 2015)
    La force des mots : les styles épistolaire et littéraire de Claire Cayron (1935-2002), auteure, correspondante de Simone de Beauvoir
  • Joel Mak (PhD)
    Le discours politique et le discours culturel au Québec
  • Clément Extier (cotutelle Lyon) (PhD, 2017)
    The Fragmentation and reconquest of the self in the fiction of Drieu La Rochelle
  • Margherita Crippa (co-tutelle Paris-Dauphine) (PhD)
    Gender in Radical Right Parties in France and Australia
  • Nathalie Camerlynck (PhD, 2017)
    Self-translation and plurilingual poetics after Beckett: Raymond Ferman, Nancy Huston and Caroline Bergvall
  • Juliana Lamoury (Mphil, 2015)
    Le piano dans la France romantique – le cas de George Sand

Recently Completed Theses


  • Kari Hanet
    Hollywood remakes French films (1990-2010)
  • Miriam Thompson
    Rebellious maids in French Film
  • Annick Pellegrin
    (Not) Looking Together in the Same Direction: A Comparative Study of Representations of Latin America in a Selection of Franco-Belgian and Latin American Comics


  • Will Visconti
    La Goulue et La Casati: Studies in Decadentism