Postgraduate Research Projects

Current projects

  • Nathan Krug (PhD, 2016)
    Second language learning through computer-mediated face-to-face interaction
  • Margaret Hennessy (PhD, March 2015)
    La force des mots : les styles épistolaire et littéraire de Claire Cayron (1935-2002), auteure, correspondante de Simone de Beauvoir
  • Clément Extier (cotutelle Lyon) (PhD, 2017)
    The Fragmentation and reconquest of the self in the fiction of Drieu La Rochelle
  • Nathalie Camerlynck (PhD, 2017)
    Self-translation and plurilingual poetics after Beckett: Raymond Ferman, Nancy Huston and Caroline Bergvall
  • Juliana Lamoury (Mphil, 2015)
    Le piano dans la France romantique – le cas de George Sand

Current Postgraduate Research

Nathalie Camerlynck

Natalie Camerlynck

Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis Title
Self-Translation and plurilingual poetics after Beckett: Raymond Federman, Nancy Huston and Vassilis Alexakis

My current research focuses on self-translation and plurilingual poetics in their relation to life writing. I'm examining the works of Raymond Federman, Vassilis Alexakis and Nancy Huston, specifically stories of childhood. I'm interested in the way that memory is created through translation. Previous research focused on literary and poetic references in the self-translations of Samuel Beckett.

Conference Papers
2014 TRACT conference Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle
“Cat in the Throat: Sonority and Materiality in Caroline Bergvall’s Meddle English

FRNC2633 Senior French 9
FRNC2627 French Contemporary History and Culture

Clément Extier

Clement Extier

Doctor of Philosophy
Cotutelle Lyon II

Thesis Title
The Fragmentation and Reconquest of the Self in the fiction of Drieu La Rochelle

My research focuses on desire in the literary writings of Pierre Drieu la Rochelle: I am particularly interested in the articulation of death drives and life instincts in relation with the construction of the self in Drieu’s literary production (poetry, short stories, novels, and essays). I investigate these two poles through what appears as the two major figures in Drieu’s literary world, war and sexual relationships. I am also interested in the issues of the author (dead or not quite), genres (and cross contamination), and psychoanalytical (Freudian) approaches of literature as these are some of the challenges with which I have to come to terms in my project.

Conference Papers
2014 – Australian Society for French Studies Conference.
Je hais un autre : la recherche du moi des « provinces dévorées par le feu » aux « temps inquiets » de la paix dans les écrits de jeunesse de Pierre Drieu La Rochelle.

FRNC1631 Junior French 5 (Advanced)

Recently Completed Theses


  • Annabelle Doherty
    Living the Past through French Heritage Film: Historical Thinking and Cinematic Cultural Memory
  • Robert Boncardo
    Appropriations politiques de l’œuvre de Stéphane Mallarmé : les cas de Sartre, de Tel Quel, de Badiou et de Rancière


  • Kari Hanet
    Hollywood remakes French films (1990-2010)
  • Miriam Thompson
    Rebellious maids in French Film
  • Annick Pellegrin
    (Not) Looking Together in the Same Direction: A Comparative Study of Representations of Latin America in a Selection of Franco-Belgian and Latin American Comics


  • Will Visconti
    La Goulue et La Casati: Studies in Decadentism