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McCaughey Chair

The McCaughey Chair was created in 1920. Professor G.G. Nicholson took up his appointment as McCaughey Professor of French in 1921.

Academic Staff

Sessional Staff

  • Jacqueline Murguet
    A French native speaker educated in France who holds a Masters Degree from the University of Paris IV- Sorbonne for which she received a High Distinction. For the past 18 years, she has been teaching the first year beginners’ students in the Department of French and Francophone Studies. Under the supervision of Dr. Alice Caffarel-Cayron, she also set up the Summer and Winter School programs which she has been teaching and coordinating for the past 10 years. Prior to coming to Sydney University, Jacqueline acquired extensive French language teaching experience in France, England, New Zealand and Australia working for numerous organisations such as the University of Paris-Sorbonne and the Victoria University of Wellington. She also taught in various secondary and adult education institutions, including the Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney University and Victoria University of Wellington as well as the Alliance Française in Sydney and Wellington
  • Rita Orsini
    Rita has been teaching French language and culture at the University of Sydney’s Department of French Studies and at the Centre for Continuing Education for many years. She is also a program producer and artist, with a passion for contemporary design and applied arts. Over many years, she has a built a strong reputation as a cross-cultural mediator, visual explorer and language professional, developing a range of French and contemporary programs for museums and tertiary institutions. She is committed to fostering community appreciation of languages and arts, and exploring ways of promoting bilateral relations between France and Australia.
  • Christel Rome
    DEA (Aix en Provence), Maîtrise (Montpellier), Licence (Montpellier), Hypokhâgne/ Khâgne (CPGE) (Montpellier)
    Christel is a native French speaker who was educated in the South of France. The focus for her master's degree was on didactic and practices in teaching and learning French as a second language. She has had a wide range of teaching experiences overseas as well as within Australia and researched on approaches aiming at accelerating language acquisition. She started teaching at the University of Sydney in 2004 within the French and Francophone Studies Department, where she has been tutoring and coordinating courses at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. She has had the opportunity to be a coordinator for the International Exchange program and encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities within the French and Francophone Studies Department such as the French poetry competitions, she co-organised (2009-2013) with the soon new addition of French theater sports. In December 2016, Christel had the pleasure to be awarded the Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Tutorials.
  • Barbara Kempner
    Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium where Barbara completed her secondary and tertiary education. Graduated in Communication and Pedagogy with a specialized research in education, writing a thesis on "Active Pedagogy".
    During and post studies, she was a prominent figure in the events and the media sector where she was actively involved in Event Production & Management predominantly for the National Television networks. In 2006 she accepted a position with the European Commission financial sector in the capacity of Communications Office where she remained for 2 years.
    Prior to moving to Australia in 2011, Barbara was privileged to work as the "attaché" to the Belgian Secretary of State, Melchior Wathelet, for the department of the National Budget. It was during a very turbulent time politically for her country with no majority government and where she was part of a dynamic team to assist the Secretary of State in negotiation resolutions for the formation of a Government. In 2010 she migrated to Australia to take up her passion of teaching at University of Sydney. Barbara is fluent in 4 languages. French (mother tongue), Dutch, English and Italian. Her centres of interest are varied. She love travelling to discover new cultures and she love being outdoors. In summer, walks, beach volley, hiking. In winter, she love the mountains to go skiing or snowboarding. Cultural activities are a big part of her life – mainly theatre, the opera and museums.
  • Corinne Mesana
    Corinne predoctoral research (D.E.A) at Paris IV Sorbonne covered the fields of French, Spanish & Applied Linguistics. Her PhD was in French Literature at the University of Sydney. She has lived in five countries and she has the ability to speak 6 languages. Corinne has been teaching French as a foreign language for 38 years using many methodologies. She has published a book on written skills for the intermediate level in French as well as several articles. She also has experience in extra-curricular activities such as Poetry and Theatre Sports workshops in French.
  • Nathalie Camerlynck
    Nathalie is a PhD candidate in French and English, working on Samuel Beckett and Raymond Federman. After completing Honours in the Department of French Studies, she went on to a Masters in Comparative Literature at Paris IV Sorbonne. Her research interests are in self-translation, late modernism and postmodernism, bilingual poetics and Holocaust literature. She is also interested in writing across genres and the intersection of poetry and music, specifically in the queer poetics of Caroline Bergvall.
  • Victoria Souliman
    Victoria is currently writing her PhD in Art History under the dual supervision of Frédéric Ogée (Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7) and Anita Callaway (The University of Sydney, Australia). Her thesis ‘Art and National Identity: The influence of Great Britain on Australian art and identity’ concerns the influence of Englishness on Australian art during the interwar years. Victoria is a member of the ‘Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Cultures Anglophones (LARCA) at Université Paris Diderot. She currently teaches French and Art History at the University of Sydney. She recently published the article ‘Les Antipodeans: quand l’artiste australien s’assume en tant que figure de l’Autre’ in "Histoire de l’Art" (vol.75, no.2, 2014, pp43-54).