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Countries around the world face common challenges of holding contests meeting international standards of electoral integrity. The Electoral Integrity Project focuses upon three main questions:

  • When do elections meet international standards of electoral integrity?
  • What happens when elections fail to do so?
  • And what can be done to mitigate these problems?

The Project is an independent academic study with a research team based at the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. For more details, see about this project. The website provides information about the research, sharing data, highlighting forthcoming events, publishing working papers, identifying links to useful resources, and news.


Electoral Integrity Project - People

Project Director

  • Professor

Full-time Project Research Associates

  • , Project Manager and Research Associate, University of Sydney (2017-2018)
  • Dr , Research Associate and Perceptions of Electoral Integrity Manager (2017-2018)
  • , Project Coordinator (2017-2018)

Senior Research Fellows (resident)

Past Research Fellows

  • , Trinity College (1st semester 2016)
  • , McMaster University (1st semester 2016)
  • , University of Mannheim (1st semester 2016)
  • , University of Aarhus (1st semester 2016)
  • , University of Bristol (1st semester 2016)
  • Professor , University of Sydney (2015)
  • Professor , University of Sydney (2013)
  • Professor , University of Sydney (2013)
  • Dr , University of Sydney (2014)
  • Professor , Australian National University (2nd semester 2015)
  • Dr , University of Yerevan, Armenia (1st semester
  • Professor , Presidency University, Kolkata, India (2nd semester 2015)
  • Dr Carolien van Ham, University of Twente (1st semester, 2013)
  • Professor Larry LeDuc, University of Toronto (1st semester, 2013)
  • Dr Hilde Coffe, University of Wellington (1st semester 2014)
  • Professor Thomas Brunell, University of Texas at Dallas (24 Feb - 1
  • April 2014)
  • Dr Ignacio Lago, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (1st semester 2014)
  • Professor Elin Bjarnegård, Uppsala University (1st semester 2014)
  • Professor Par Zetterberg, Uppsala University (1st semester 2014)
  • Dr Alessandro Nai, University of Geneva (2nd semester 2014)
  • Professor Norbert Kersting, University of Münster (2nd semester 2014)
  • Professor Jørgen Elklit, Aarhus University
  • Professor Andrew Reynolds, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Dr Carolien van Ham, University of New South Wales (from Jan 2015)
  • Dr Richard Frank, Australian National University (from Jan 2015)


  • Minh Trinh, Harvard University (2 Sept-1 May 2013)
  • Holly Ann Garnett, McGill University (2nd semester 2014)
  • Marco Valbruzzi, European University Institute (2nd semester 2014)
  • Margarita Zavadskaya, European University Institute (2nd semester 2014)
  • , University of Mannheim (1st semester
  • , WZB/Free University of Berlin (1st semester 2015)
  • , University of Michigan (1st semester 2015)
  • , University of Coimbra, Portugal (1st semester 2015)
  • , University of Montreal (2nd semester 2015)
  • , University of Sussex (2nd semester 2016)
  • Dr , University of Bologna/University of Milan (2nd semester 2015)
  • , LUISS 'Guido Carli' - University of Rome
  • , University of Chile


Date Speakers Title Discussant Chair
1 March  2018 Professor Pippa Norris Cultural Backlash: Trump, Brexit and the rise of Authoritarian-Populism Prof Simon Tormey Dr Sarah Cameron
13 March  2018 Dr Thomas Wynter Perceptions of Electoral Integrity 6.0: Corruption, Coercion and Clientelism Dr Maria Celeste Ratto Prof Pippa Norris
20 March  2018 Professor Gerry Stoker Anti-Politics: A long view Prof Ariadne Vromen Dr Thomas Wynter
27 March  2018 Professor Simon Jackman Representatives choosing Voters: Challenges to US Gerrymandering Prof Pippa Norris Dr Sarah Cameron
10 April 2018 Dr James Loxton Life after Dictatorship: Authoritarian Successor Parties Worldwide Dr Toby James Prof Pippa Norris
17 April 2018 Dr Roberto Foa The Challenge of Authoritarian Modernization Dr Aim Sinpeng Dr Thomas Wynter
24 April 2018 Dr Carolien van Ham Democratic legitimacy crisis, breakdown, and renewal? Dr Roberto Foa Dr Sarah Cameron
1 May 2018 Dr Maria Celeste Ratto Electoral Cycle and voting behavior: Assessing the impact of electoral integrity on electoral behavior of Latin American Democracies Dr James Loxton Dr Thomas Wynter
8 May 2018 Dr Fiona Buckley Diffusion effects of gender quotas: increasing the supply of party and non-party women in Ireland? Ms Kristina Gushchina Dr Sarah Cameron
15 May 2018 Dr Toby James Comparative Electoral Management: Performance, Networks and Instruments Prof Rodney Smith Dr Sarah Cameron
22 May 2018 Ms Kristina Gushchina Women’s political representation in the post-Soviet space 1991-2017: Macro-Level Analysis Dr Fiona Buckley Dr Tom Wynter
29 May 2018 Dr Ioannis Andreadis Improving the user experience of the EIP Survey Respondents Dr Thomas Wynter Dr Sarah Cameron