Current Staff List

Group photo of the staff of Government and International Relations, February 2013

Chair of Department

  Professor Colin Wight Chair of Department

Academic Staff

  Dr Betsi Beem Senior Lecturer 
  Dr Anna Boucher Senior Lecturer 
  Dr John Brookfield Lecturer
  Dr Sarah Cameron Electoral Integrity Project Manager and Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  Dr Minglu Chen Lecturer
  Dr Peter John Chen Senior Lecturer
  Professor James der Derian Director of CISS and Michael Hintze Chair
  Dr Ainsley Elbra Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Charlotte Epstein Associate Professor
  Assoc. Prof. Anika Gauja Associate Professor
  Dr Gorana Grgic Early Career Development Fellow
  Dr Ryan Griffiths Senior Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Justin Hastings Associate Professor
  Dr Stewart Jackson Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Adam Kamradt-Scott Associate Professor
  Professor John Keane Professor of Politics
  Assoc. Prof. Alexandre Lefebvre Associate Professor
  Dr James Loxton Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Megan Mackenzie Associate Professor
  Dr Robert Macneil Lecturer
  Professor Allan McConnell Professor
  Dr Gil Merom Senior Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. John Mikler Associate Professor
  Dr Christopher Pepin-Neff Lecturer
  Professor Pippa Norris Professor
  Assoc. Prof. Susan Park Associate Professor
  Assoc. Prof. Sarah Phillips Associate Professor
  Dr Madeleine Pill Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Lily Zubaidah Rahim Associate Professor
  Assoc. Prof. Gaby Ramia Associate Professor
  Assoc. Prof. James Reilly Associate Professor
  Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Rowley Associate Professor
  Professor David Schlosberg Professor of Environmental Politics
  Professor Laura J. Shepherd Professor
  Dr Aim Sinpeng Lecturer
  Dr David Smith Senior Lecturer
  Dr Frank Smith Senior Lecturer
  Professor Rodney Smith Professor
  Professor Simon Tormey Professor
  Professor Ariadne Vromen Professor
  Professor Colin Wight Professor
  Dr Thomas Wilkins Senior Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Jingdong Yuan Associate Professor

Emeritus Professors

  Professor Graeme Gill Emeritus Professor
  Professor David Goodman Emeritus Professor
  Professor Michael Jackson Emeritus Professor
  Professor Frederick Teiwes Emeritus Professor
  Professor Rod Tiffen Emeritus Professor
  Professor Linda Weiss Emeritus Professor

Honorary Associates

  Professor Peter Curson Professor of Population and Security
  Dr David Clune OAM NSW Parliament Historian
  Dr Damian Grace  
  Professor Antony Green  
  Dr Michael Hogan  
  Dr Bob Howard  
  Dr Diarmuid Maguire  

Previous Scholars

  Mr Kevin Rozzoli  

Affiliated Staff

  Dr Jennifer Hsu  
  Professor Duncan Ivison
Department of Philosophy
  Professor Simon Jackman The United States Studies Centre
  Professor Margaret Levi The United States Studies Centre
  Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor The United States Studies Centre
  Professor Luigi Tomba China Studies Centre