Events from 2 August, 2014

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  • 6th August, 2014
    3:30 to 5:00PM

    Experiences of bodily privacy are changing in the contemporary surveillance society

    University of Sydney Professor Charlotte Epstein will be presenting her latest work on surveillance: "In this paper I consider how our experiences of bodily privacy are changing in the contemporary surveillance society. To this end I use biometric technologies as a lens for tracking the changing relationships between the body and privacy that underwrite our modern democratic polities. Adopting a broader genealogical perspective, however, I begin by retracing the role of the body in the constitution of the modern liberal political subject. I consider successively two quite different understandings of the subject, the Foucauldian political subject as theorized by Michel Foucault, followed by the subject of psychoanalysis analysed by Jacques Lacan."

    For more info please visit Philosophy@UWS

  • 11th August, 2014
    4 to 5:30PM

    Sydney Ideas Lecture with International Broadcaster Nik Gowing: Skyful of Lies and Black Swans: Who Controls Shifting Information Power in Crises?

    This presentation and discussion focus on the new executive fragilities and policy implications for government ministers, civil servants, defence and security agencies plus corporate institutions and NGO’s from the new matrix of real-time information flows and transparency created especially by the explosion of social media. The new digital connectivity and IT realities are disruptive game changers.

  • 20th August, 2014
    5:00pm - 6:30pm

    Is there a role for humour in the independent political media?

    Is humour appropriate when political issues are serious and critical? In this talk, Professor Julianna Forlano, host of of the award-winning news parody series Absurdity Today, will cover the psychological, and psycho-social reasons why humour works effectively and study what happens when it does not.