Master of Publishing Internships

We are pleased to invite publishing organisations, and other companies where publishing takes place, to host a Master of Publishing student as an intern. Our students are highly motivated, professional graduates. Many of them have already worked in the book, magazine or online publishing trades, or in other professional capacities.

By participating in this voluntary work placement program, you will benefit from their energy and enthusiasm, and have first-hand knowledge of prospective graduates.

How long are the internships?

Each student is required to complete 140 hours of work in one or more organisations. The internship may be undertaken full-time, over 20 working days, or part-time over a longer period.

How does the internship work?

Students will work for you, under your supervision and direction. The internship may be done at any time of the year that is convenient to you, either full-time or part-time.

What kind of organisations can participate?

Any company or organisation that works in publishing (whether book, magazine or internet publishing), in editing, sales, publicity, management or marketing, or in any other professional capacity, can take part. While your core business might not be publishing, if you have an in-house publication that an intern could work on, you would qualify.

What kind of work should the interns do?

Interns are expected to work at a professional level, undertaking any tasks that are normally completed in your particular workplace. We do ask that you briefly outline in writing, in advance, the tasks that you expect an intern to undertake, although these may be altered in consultation with the intern and the internship coordinator at a later date.

Ideally, we would like students to be involved in a project that utilises their learning and skills. We trust that the student will provide a significant contribution to your organisation.

Are the interns paid?

No, interns are not paid.

What about insurance?

Unpaid interns are covered by the University of Sydney insurance for public liability and professional indemnity.

Is there much paperwork?

Administration is minimal. There are only two forms which need to be completed and returned to us. One of these is the Offer Form, for when you have accepted a student; and the second is the Completion Form, to be submitted at the end of the placement. The first provides us with the address of the workplace and supervisor's details, while the second form gives you an opportunity to comment on the performance of the intern. These are available on our website.

How do students learn of available internships?

Each student is interviewed once they are enrolled in the Internship Unit of Study. Career goals are discussed and organisations they are interested in are identified. The organisation is then contacted by the Internship Coordinator. In some cases they may also initiate their own internships by approaching companies independently, in consultation with the Internship coordinator. Where possible, interns are placed with organisations that complement their previous work experience and/or studies.

How do you get involved?

Simply complete the Internship Offer form on our website and we will be in contact with you.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss the internship program, please call or email the Internship Coordinator or Postgraduate Coordinator below.

For more information

Fran Hagon
Postgraduate Internship Coordinator
Room 101, Holme Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006
Phone: 02 9114 1220
Fax: 02 9351 5444

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