Application for Insurance for Unpaid Internship

All students who are enrolled in a Media & Communications degree and are undertaking unpaid internship/work experience
may be covered by the University insurance policy. Fill in the following information and submit to apply for insurance coverage. The Internship Coordinator will confirm your insurance status by return email.

Contact Details

Student ID
First Name
Phone No. (Landline)
Mobile No.
Unit of Study enrolled in MECO

Emergency Contact Details

Emergency Contact Name
Relationship to you
Mobile No.

Work Experience Details

Name of Business
Business Contact Name
Business Contact Phone No
Business Email
Business Address
Exact Dates of Your Work Experience
Thoughtful reasons as to why this work experience contributes to your MECO degree ad therefore why Insurance can be granted.

Expectations of Professional Behaviour

Please read and tick next to each point below.

In asking for this Insurance I agree to:
      Adhere to the working schedule agreed upon with the Employer.
      Meet any human resources requirements established by the Employer for work experience students.
      Dress appropriately for work and to meet the standards the Employer sets for regular employees.
      Abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Employer and the department to which I am assigned including confidentiality, access to information, safety and security.
      Behave in a professional and ethical manner.
      Receive no payment (Once students become a paid employee he/she is no longer covered by the University's insurance.)
      Contact the Internship coordinator to discuss any issues or difficulties that arise, in a timely manner and before ceasing to work with the Employer.