Undergraduate Internships

The Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication)is a four year degree at the University of Sydney. It allows students to combine an academically excellent undergraduate education in the Humanities and Social Sciences with broad professional training in the media and communications field. Students acquire vocational skills relevant to the print, radio, television and online mediums and media relations, as well as an advanced education in the history and theory of the media.

From a vocational perspective, the degree is focused on producing students with a portfolio of practical skills and the general knowledge and critical intelligence that comes from an excellent humanities education. Graduates of the BA (Media and Communications) will possess the training and skills required for entry into areas such as print, broadcast and online journalism, international communications, media regulation and public policy, media relations and advertising.

An important component of this training is the internship program. All students undertake an internship with a media organisation in the final year of their degree in order to gain experience using their skills in a professional environment.

What is the internship?

The internship is an opportunity for final year BA (Media and Communications) students to use the skills and knowledge that they have learnt as part of their degree in a professional environment. Interns work for you, under your supervision, as directed by you. The University of Sydney's Media and Communications students are all extremely bright, enthusiastic and self-motivated, and would be an asset to your work environment.

What kind of organisations can participate?

Anyone who does media or communication-related work can participate. Most obviously this would include organisations involved in television, radio or print media production. We are also interested in online media, public relations, advertising, media regulation, monitoring or media relations positions. While your core business might not be media-related, you may still have a media or PR office where a Media and Communications intern could work.

What kind of work should the interns do?

Interns are expected to work at a professional level, undertaking any tasks that are normally completed in your particular workplace. We do ask that you briefly outline in advance the tasks that you would expect an intern to carry out, though these may be altered in consultation with the intern and Internship Coordinator at a later date.

How long are the internships?

The internships are a minimum of twenty working days (not including public holidays, weekends, sick leave, etc). You may prefer to take students in a block of four weeks full-time, or on a part-time basis over a longer period. The internship can be done at any time during the year, as is convenient for you. It is up to you!

Are the interns paid?

No. Interns are not paid.

What about insurance?

Unpaid interns are covered by the University of Sydney's insurance for public liability and professional indemnity.

Is there much paperwork?

Administration is minimal. After the initial contact with the Internship Coordinator to establish your requirements, there are only two forms which need to be returned to us. First is the Offer Form, for when you have accepted a particular student; and the second is the Completion Form, submitted at the end of the placement. The first form provides us with the workplace address and supervisor's details, while the second gives you an opportunity to comment on the performance of the intern.

What is the advantage of taking on an intern?

n addition to having a free worker, it is also a good opportunity to get a first look at some of the promising students who are about to graduate with the University of Sydney's Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications.

How do students know of available internships?

All available internships are listed on the Media and Communications website. The listings are password protected, for our students' use only. When they see an internship they like, they apply online to the Internship Coordinator who then sends it on to the company or organisation for their approval and/or to arrange an interview.

How do you get involved?

Simply send an email to the Internship Coordinator stating when you would like an intern to start and how many days per week you would prefer your student to work. Include a brief outline of the project involved and/or the duties required.

Please contact the Internship Coordinator:

Adriana Hernandez
Rm 203, Holme Building A09a
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
T 61 2 9351 6886
F 61 2 3951 5444|

To express interest in participating in this program, please fill out and submit the form below.