Postgraduate Frequently Asked Questions

I am an international graduate with a Bachelor's Degree from my own country. Am I eligible to apply to your program?

Yes, however there is also an English language requirement.

More information is available from the Future Student Webpage.

I don't have a bachelor's degree, but I have worked in the media industry. Am I qualified to enrol?

If you don't have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, but you have a minimum of five years professional experience in the media industry, you are qualified for admission to the Graduate Certificate program. Once you have satisfactorily completed the four units required for the Graduate Certificate, you can then apply to upgrade to the Master of Media Practice if you wish, and you may apply for credit for the units already passed.

If you are an international student, you will also need to meet the English Language requirement. Information about this can be obtained from the Future Student Webpage.

I have an undergraduate degree, but I don't have any subjects in media. Can I still apply to this program?


I have a Bachelor's Degree from an Australian university, however my major was in a subject outside the Arts Faculty. Am I eligible to enrol in your program?

Yes. However, depending on your grades and your major, it might be recommended that you initially apply to the Graduate Certificate program, and then apply to the Masters program once you have satisfactorily completed the first four units.

I was not successful in getting into or transferring into the BA (Media and Communications) at Sydney University. Can I do the Master of Media Practice (or the Master of Strategic PR) after I graduate? Will that prepare me for employment as well as if I'd done the BA (Media and Communications)?

Yes, it is not uncommon for Sydney University arts graduates to prepare for a career in journalism by enrolling in the Master of Media Practice or Strategic Public Relations. This will prepare you for work in the media industry, as well as giving you a good generalist education which is desirable to employers; and if you complete the dissertation units it will also enable you to subsequently enrol in a higher research degree.

Can I begin my degree in second semester?

Yes, students are admitted in both semesters.

I am an Australian graduate and would like to learn more about your Department before making a decision to enrol in postgraduate coursework.

Please contact the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.

I am an international student who has been accepted into your program. I am about to arrive in Sydney and would like to know how to prepare for classes.

Your tutor will provide you with reading material in the first week of semester. This material is free of charge, and is tailored to your unit of study. There may also be recommended reading in addition to this material, which you can purchase from the bookstore. Your tutor will tell you about this in the first week of semester.
In the meantime, the best way to prepare yourself for class is to immerse yourself in as much Australian media as possible. Read the daily papers, visit the websites, and listen to the radio, which can also be accessed through the internet. Some useful links are listed below.

* Sydney Morning Herald
* The Australian
* ABC Radio National

If you have trouble entering these websites from your home country, you should explore your own media outlets, as familiarity with these too will be helpful to your course preparation.

I am enrolled in the Media Practice Program, and would like some advice about which units of study will best suit my interests.

Please contact the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.

Does your program include an internship?

Please check our Internship program information

I am an International student and would like assistance with my seminar presentation skills, research and essay writing.

Please contact the Learning Centre, which conducts workshops throughout the year on written and spoken English, essay writing and many other academic skills.

I am enrolled in the Media and Communications postgraduate coursework program and would like to enrol in an elective unit that is not listed in the MECO entry in the handbook. Is this possible?

As long as you enrol in the requisite number of core units, you are permitted to enrol in up to two elective units from other departments, which may not be listed in the MECO entry. Please collect a cross-listing permission form from the Arts Faculty Office. You will then need to have it signed by the postgraduate coordinator in MECO as well as the postgraduate coordinator in the department teaching the unit of study. The signed form should be returned to the Arts Faculty Office.

Since enrolling I have realised that I am unable, for unforeseen reasons, to complete the course. However, the date for withdrawal without penalty has passed.

You can apply for Special Consideration through the Faculty office. This means that your marks will take into account any personal difficulties you may have encountered during the course. If you need to withdraw there is also the option of applying to receive the grade 'Discontinue Not Fail' instead of receiving an Absent Fail. However, you will need extensive documentation submitted to the Arts Faculty, and this should only be considered an option in extreme cases. If you withdraw after the census date (31 March for Semester 1; 19 September for Semester 2) you are liable for the tuition fees for your enrolment. University refunds policy can be found at

Can I audit classes in the first week before finalising my enrolment in particular units?

Yes, but please note that all class lists are locked in by the end of Week 2 of each semester. Further changes require the permission of the postgraduate coordinator.

I would like to enrol in a Summer or Winter School unit, but I am not sure when enrolments open.

Please contact the Summer School

Contact details for current student enquiries can be found on our Student Administration website.