Postgraduate Coursework

Postgraduate study in both Coursework and Research programs are offered within the Media and Communications discipline.

Coursework Programs

  • Master of Media Practice
    Graduate Certificate in Media Practice
    Graduate Diploma in Media Practice
  • Media Practice focuses on media industry practice, including the areas of writing for media, media liaison, broadcast and online journalism skills, ethical and legal issues in the media, and theories of mass communication
  • Master of Strategic Public Relations
    Graduate Certificate in Strategic Public Relations
    Graduate Diploma in Strategic Public Relations
    Strategic Public Relations focuses on professional public relations with an emphasis on two strands: corporate communication and political communication.
  • Master of Publishing
    Graduate Certificate in Publishing
    Graduate Diploma in Publishing
    The courses in Publishing equip students with the skills and knowledge required for book, magazine and website publishing
  • Master of Health Communication
    Graduate Certificate in Health Communication
    Graduate Diploma in Health Communication
    Health Communication combines the media expertise of the Media and Communications Department and the public health resources of School of Public Health to provide the most comprehensive and specialised course in health communication in Australia.
    Health communicators are one of the largest industry workforces in public relations and media.

Research Programs

  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Professional Doctorates

  • Doctor of Arts