Catherine Davies


Curdle: Notes on a Practice and Performance of Induced Lactation



Milk Fever is an exploration of historical and contemporary lactation and breastfeeding practices as points of communication, cannibalism and cross-contamination. Milk as text, milk as media, milk as tool, milk as language. Writing in white ink, word made fluid and expressed for ingestion and incorporation. Blasphemous breasts, sacred scriptures, biological kinships and unholy alliances flowing and forged.

This thesis will be presented primarily as a mixture of creative work and exegesis. Aside from the usual published articles and paper presentions, the creative acts will be exhibited in a number of alternative space
including galleries and performance venues. Milk Fever accesses methodologies and meanings from a variety of disciplines including Media and Communications, Performance Studies and Gender and Cultural Studies to
produce an original and challenging thesis interrogating the milky body.