Christy Dena


Polymorphism through Transmodiology



This thesis investigates the changes to mass entertainment, independent gaming and art in the contemporary context of multiple media platforms.

This contemporary pervasive phenomena, termed polymorphism, is articulated through a proposed methodology of 'transmodiology'. Transmodiology is the study of phenomena across a variety of instantiations, rhetoric and theory. The insights are presented through 'schemas' - which represent approaches shared by creators, audiences and theorists. In short, the dissertation addresses the changes to how media and fictional creations are perceived and conceived in the context of polymorphism.

Theoretical discussions addressed and revised in this context include, but are not limited to, those from narratology (such as transmediality, intermediality, intertextuality and transfictionality), media studies (such as commodity intertexts, remediation, convergence) and ludology (such as ergodics and ubiquitous computing).