Desmond Siahaan


Unethical Indonesian journalists and the effect of their ways within Indonesian society



Indonesia is now in the period of reformation, which started from 1998. This caused the Indonesian media to have so much freedom to broadcast and publish news. Yet, many individuals have not been satisfied with the manners of journalists and the broadcasting or publication of news program. A large number of complaints have happened, which come from the general viewers or readers and also news resources. It has been reported that Indonesian journalists or reporters are unethical in carrying out their duties to society.

This study will examine some aspects of journalism ethics that influence the unethical Indonesian journalists. They include honesty (accuracy and fairness) and privacy (respect for the rights of others). This study will also look at factors that cause Indonesian journalists to be unethical. Possible factors can be heavy workload, no formal journalism education, and ratings. The study will also check the effect of unethical conduct of journalists on the cognitive system (thinking behaviour) of viewers or readers to live their lives. This will include how the audience view the media and how the content of news program affect audience’s lifestyle.