Staff Research Interests

Dr Tim Dwyer

  • comparative media and cultural policy
  • media ownership, policy and regulation
  • media industries and audiences
  • convergence and legal frameworks
  • new media, law and ethics
  • media globalisation, localism and online news

Dr Fiona Giles

  • Media and the body
  • Literary journalism: history, theory and practice
  • Feature writing and the genres of journalism
  • Writing, editing and publishing pedagogies
  • Adult uses of human milk
  • Media representations of breastfeeding and embodied parenting
  • Health communication
  • The ethics of advertising

Dr Megan Le Masurier

  • Magazine studies: history, theory, practice
  • Popular feminism
  • Feature journalism
  • The genres of journalism
  • The role of the editor: past, present, future?
  • Gender, sexuality and media
  • Independent magazines and print culture

Alana Mann

  • The relationship between journalism and public relations
  • The public communication strategies of grassroots organisations, social movements and international humanitarian NGOs
  • Transnational civil society and advocacy in world politics
  • The dynamics of agenda-setting and the agency of the news media
  • Framing processes, issue emergence and mechanisms of representation
  • Communication structures and processes in globalisation, particularly in relation to new communications technologies, concepts of political community and network theory

Dr Steven Maras

  • Philosophy of communications
  • Communication and media studies
  • Conceptual practice and media production/education
  • The theory, history and practice of screen writing
  • Critical communications and media practice, pedagogy and media literacy
  • Historical research on the emergence of communication studies in Australia.

Dr Fiona Martin

  • public service media
  • the impact of user generated content on journalism practice and media
  • publishing
  • convergent and online journalism
  • online publishing communities
  • technocultures
  • participatory and deliberative democracy online
  • science communication

Dr Joyce Nip

  • civic use of media
  • journalism issues
  • communication and social change
  • media in Chinese societies

Dr Penny O'Donnell

  • Quality journalism
  • Journalism history
  • Journalism and listening
  • International journalism
  • Journalism and multiculturalism
  • Australian journalism education and research


ARC Linkage (LP0990734), 'From Rivers of Gold to the Clickstream: Newspapers and Quality Journalism in the Internet', July 2009 – June 2011, with Dr David McKnight (UNSW) and Mr Jonathan Este (Walkley Foundation for Excellence in Australian Journalism).

This project will enhance Australian democracy by providing a scholarly basis for public discussion about the ways that quality journalism can survive in the Internet age. It will create knowledge about the specifically Australian experience of newspapers' transition to online media services and will thus help Australian citizens and journalists engage in global debates about journalism futures. It will create knowledge about the workplace conditions that foster quality journalism. It will showcase Australian research in international scholarly debate on newspaper futures within the field of Journalism Studies.

Dr Olaf Werder

  • PR/Advertising Strategies
  • Health Communication/Campaign Creation
  • Communication Principles
  • Mass Communication Theories
  • Media Effects Analysis
  • New Media Studies
  • Organisational Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Social Marketing.


  • 2008-10 (U.S.$ 175,000)
  • Project Title: Adolescents Committed To Improvement of Nutrition and physical activity (ACTION) Sponsor: U.S. National Institutes of Health, Grant#: 1 R21 HL092533-0
  • This was a cooperative project between various departments within the University of New Mexico. The major goal of this project was to create, implement and evaluate a culturally relevant and age-appropriate obesity intervention for School-Based Health Centres to help decrease the risk of adolescent metabolic syndrome development.
  • 2009 (U.S.$ 6,200)
  • Project Title: Culture's influence on health policy: A systemic analysis of health literacy levels in Denmark and the United States. Sponsor: UNM Campus Grant. The purpose of the project was to examine whether health literacy problems are culture-bound, ,i.e. whether certain cultures are better equipped to deal with the literacy problem.
  • 2008 (U.S.$ 7,500)
  • Project Title: Evaluating the NM Mental Health Stigma Reduction Campaign. Sponsor: New Mexico Human Service Department. This was a cooperative project between the communication department and the medical campus. The primary goal of the proposed study was to design the evaluation and analyse the data of a planned mental health stigma campaign the Behavioural Health Services Division of the NM Human Service Department is preparing for Winter 07/08.