International Exchange

The Media and Communications Department encourages students to consider student exchange as time abroad as part of your studies can be invaluable.

Because of the course structure of the Media and Communications degree arranging exchanges in a way that does not interrupt your studies can become an issue. The Department strongly recommends that students consider undertaking exchange in their second year of study. And given Northern hemisphere institutions start their semesters mid June this means our second semester. This means beginning preparation in your first year at university.

Students who prefer exchanges in the later part of their study, or carry their exchange into third year, must discuss the matter with the Internship Coordinator, as exchanges in third and fourth year can disrupt the completion of the degree and potentially lead to an extra semester of study. As students must complete MECO3603 Media Law and Ethics before undertaking an internship you must be mindful of this pre-requisite. Students must also complete their internship before undertaking the final unit, MECO3609 Critical Practice in Media.

In respect to choosing units of study at an overseas institution, this is the responsibility of the student. In choosing units you need to decide whether the units done on exchange are to be counted against your MECO compulsory program, or your Arts major, or second major.

The institutions that previous MECO students have studied at with academic approvals specifically for MECO units of study are listed below.

Note: Some of these universities may not be subject to current agreements so always check with Student Exchange section.

There are other destinations that may offer appropriate MECO units of study that are either brand new partnerships or existing destinations students have just not considered in the past. A full list of our programs can be found on our website through the searchable database under "Choose a Program"

If MECO compulsory units are being counted against, try to think of the skill sets that are covered in the home units and the general conceptual areas involved and try to match those. You may not find an exact match for our units and this is understandable. Some areas may not translate very well such as specific areas of law.

Where a student is planning to take units against their major they should get approval from the relevant department.