Undergraduate Study

The Department of Media and Communications offers two undergraduate programs:

BA and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications)

Media and Communications offers students professional training in the main areas of media production and an advanced education in the history and theory of the field. Core units of study focus on media production, the structure of the media and communications industries, the media’s role in culture and politics, and contemporary legal and ethical issues prevalent in the field. You will explore these areas through a diverse range of disciplinary perspectives and relevant critical theories and develop in-depth professional skills in the fields of written news and feature journalism, audio, video, social media and public relations. In the fourth or Advanced Studies year, you will study entrepreneurial leadership in media organisations, undertake an industry internship and complete either a major media project or research essay.

The four-year BA and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications) degree is specifically designed to equip students with key skills for entry into multi-platform journalism, media regulation, public policy, public relations and corporate communications. This also qualifies our students to apply to a variety of competitive international graduate programs that require the completion of a four-year undergraduate degree for entry.

If you choose to exit with a 3 year BA degree, you will qualify with a major in Media Studies.

Major or Minor in Digital Cultures

The major in Digital Cultures can be taken as part of the BA and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (MECO) or individual units can be taken as electives.

Structuring Your Study

The University of Sydney has introduced new degree requirements in 2018. Please see below for more detailed information relevant to you, depending on which of the three categories you fall under:

 I am continuing in my current degree I would like to move to the new curriculum

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The Department of Media and Communications offers two Honours Programs:

  • Honours in Media and Communications
  • Honours in Digital Cultures

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