Current Postgraduate Research Projects

  • Benn Banasik
    Christian and Jewish Relations in the Roman Empire of the Third Century C.E.
  • Teya Brooks Pribac
    Animal Grief
  • Breann Fallon
    The Fetishisation Effect: Objects as Manipulating Forces in the Perpetuation of Genocide
  • Max Herford
    The Gothic Idea
  • Jewell Homad-Johnson
    Kandinsky and the Sacred Modern: Toward a New Methodology
  • Anna Lutkajtis
    The Dark Side of Dharma: Why have the Adverse Effects of Secular Meditation been Ignored?
  • Ray Radford
    Post-Mortem Narratives: Disconnection from History and the Emergence of New Narratives
  • Cressida Rigney
    Insecure Food and Culture: An Eco-Theological Assessment of the Ethical and Environmental challenges for Australia's Future
  • Alma Studholme
    Being Fragmented and Whole: Theoretical and Performative Explorations of an Ontological Paradox
  • Gil Marvel Tabucanon
    Freedom of Religion or Belief under International Law and the Baha is of Iran
  • Tallis Tien
    Spirituality and Authority of the Corporate Christ: An Analysis and Critique of Watchman Nee's Ecclesiology
  • Daniel Tower
    The Price of God: Sectarian Violence, Islamic Fundamentalism, and the Control of Resources in Northern Iraq
  • Suvarna Variyar
    Saving Sita: The Ramayana and Gender in Political Rhetoric of the Bharatiya Janata Party