Department of Writing Studies

As language evolves in the new century, the University of Sydney is adapting its approach to writing for a new generation of media-literate, globally networked students. The Department of Writing Studies contributes to this important task by helping students, staff and businesses cultivate the digital literacies necessary to turn their writing into action, both in the university and beyond. We join with leading universities in North America and Europe in teaching rhetoric as a way to improve critical literacy in both print and digital communication.

We offer courses to help students develop abilities in argumentation, composition, cross-cultural communication and critical thinking. Writing mentoring is also available for all Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences students and students enrolled in a WRIT unit. We believe that through collaborative learning and reflection on their work, students can achieve their writing goals and reach their potential at university.

Our academic staff are engaged in numerous research projects, providing a foundation for up-to-date teaching in rhetorical theory and practice. In addition, we run workshops and events to promote discussions about rhetoric and writing in the university and in the community.

We also offer a range of courses and workshops specifically designed for secondary students and school leavers to assist them with their HSC studies and transitioning from school to university writing.

In addition to our roles within the university, our academic staff are also involved in a number of corporate projects, collaborating with organisations to improve the effectiveness of their internal and external communication.

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