Student Writing Fellowships

The Student Writing Fellowship is an initiative of the Department of Writing Studies, designed to incorporate the ideas of students within the Hub and to connect students to fellow students, research clusters, schools and businesses. The program aims to encourage research into rhetoric and composition as well as engage students in communities of writing.

Students displaying excellence in writing and a potential for sensitive and professional writing collaboration are selected to participate in the Student Writing Fellowships. Fellows complete a WRIT unit to conduct further research into rhetoric and six workshops that engage with the pedagogy of writing mentorship. The workshops include observation and discussion of trained writing tutors and online linkups with Peer Tutors from Stanford University. Fellows engage with up-to-date, global experiences of rhetoric and composition.

Student Writing Fellows are available at scheduled times for drop-in sessions, where they will walk fellow students through the writing process and provide assistance and feedback on essay drafts. In addition, Fellows are available to attend tutorials to assist students in class and can facilitate student-led discussion groups on writing and rhetoric.

Fellows also have the opportunity to apply for writing and rhetoric internships with businesses where they can gain practical experience in a workplace and further their researching and analytical abilities.

Both Writing Fellows and students seeking advice can benefit from engaging with the difficulties of writing through collaboration and discussion of ideas. The Student Writing Fellowship aims to create a community of writers within the university whose shared knowledge and ideas contribute to a global network of academic and professional writers.

For more information about our Student Writing Fellowship, please contact Dr Frances Di Lauro.