Past events 2008

Contingentism in Metaphysics, Sydney, 19–20 December 2008

Are there any contingent metaphysical truths? If so, what are they? More details here.

Mini-meeting on Foundations of Physics, Sydney, 20 November 2008

A one-day meeting on Foundations of Physics, in conjunction with a visit by Chris Fuchs (Perimeter). Details here.

The Clock and the Quantum, Perimeter Institute, Canada, 28 September–2 October 2008

This was the first annual PIAF conference, a product of a new collaboration between the University of Sydney, UQ, Griffith and the Perimeter Institute. It follows our successful PIAF workshop in Sydney in February 2008. The conference will focus on the many deep conceptual and technical issues concerning the role of time in Quantum Theory. Details here.

Images and Intentionality, Sydney, 8 August 2008

A conference on the interconnections between pictorial and mental representation.

History of Quantum Theory, Sydney, 31 May 2008

A one-day satellite meeting of the History of Quantum Physics project, co-organised with K. Camilleri (University of Melbourne).

Perspective in Physics and Philosophy, Paris, 16-19 June 2008

Organised in conjunction with the FOUNDPHYS network (Paris) and the IGPP (Freiburg), this conference followed on from the ones in July 2005 in Sydney and September 2006 in Beuggen (details below). The main topics were the role of internal and external perspectives, representations, frames of reference and contexts in various related fields in physics and philosophy. Further details here.

René Descartes Lectures, Tilburg, 7-9 May 2008

Huw Price delivered the Inaugural René Descartes Lectures at the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science in the Netherlands, from 7-9 May 2008. Draft copies of the lectures are available here.

Wittgenstein, Sydney, 26 April 2008

This one-day mini-conference was held in association with visits by Warren Goldfarb (Harvard) and Dawn Phillips (Warwick). Further details here.

"Time After Time, an Odyssey in Vertical Space," Sydney, 17 April 2008

The Centre for Time was pleased to be a co-sponsor with the IUEU of this talk by the Amsterdam-based artist, Jane Boyd, who was Artist-in-Residence at Regents Court, Sydney. Further details are available here.

Emotions in Science and Science Fiction, Sydney, 28 March 2008

Two short talks on emotions and their place in science and science fiction, by David Banks (actor and author, and former Cyberleader from the BBC series Dr Who), and Paul Griffiths. This event was organised jointly with the Russellian Society. Futher details here.

Australasian Postgraduate Philsophy conference :: 26-28 March 2008

The Centre was pleased to be a sponsor of the Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference 2008.

PIAF workshop in Quantum Foundations :: Sydney, 1-3 February 2008

This workshop was the first research meeting of the new Perimeter Institute–Australia Foundations (PIAF) project. The PIAF project links the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada to an Australian network of researchers at the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, and Griffith University. Further details here.