Past events 2009

Causation & Humean Metaphysics, University of Sydney, 17–18 December 2009

A one-day workshop held in association with a visit by Professor Helen Beebee (Birmingham). Further details here.

Workshop with Wojciech Zurek, University of Sydney, 5 December 2009

A research workshop in Foundations of Physics, with keynote address by Dr Wojciech Zurek. Further details here.

Sean Carroll on the Arrow of Time, University of Sydney, 16 November 2009

We were delighted to be a co-sponsor of CHAST's 2009 Templeton Lecture, on The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time, by Caltech cosmologist (and well-known science blogger), Professor Sean Carroll.

New Perspectives on the Quantum State, Perimeter Institute, Canada, 27 September–2 October 2009

This is the 2nd Annual conference of the Perimeter Insitute-Australia Foundations collaboration. In the field of quantum foundations, the interpretation of the quantum state is an issue that has received much attention in recent years. One question that has gained prominence is whether the quantum state describes reality (the ontic view) or an agent's knowledge of reality (the epistemic view). Others reject this dichotomy and suggest that it might be best interpreted as a dynamical law (the nomological view) or in an entirely different manner. Other issues of interest include whether the quantum state describes absolute or relational degrees of freedom, and whether the universal wavefunction might be interpreted differently from that of a subsystem. This conference will bring together leading researchers representing a diversity of positions to share their knowledge and insight, to develop a broader perspective on the issues, and to focus on outstanding problems. Details here.

Workshop on Philosophy of Physics, University of Sydney, 14 August 2009

This event is one-day workshop on Philosophy of Physics, to mark the visit of Jeremy Butterfield (Trinity College, Cambridge) to the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science. Further details are available here.

EPR2: Expressivism, Pluralism & Representationalism, Sydney, 22 July 2009

Speakers at this conference included Simon Blackburn (Cambridge), Bob Brandom (Pittsburgh), Rachael Briggs (Sydney), Matthew Chrisman (Edinburgh), Henry Jackman (York), Robert Kraut (Ohio State), Michael Lynch (UConn), Huw Price (Sydney), Mark Schroeder (USC), Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins) and Crispin Wright (NYU/St Andrews). The meeting was preceded by a Pre-Conference Winter School (20-21 July), aimed especially at graduate students, and taught by Patrick Greenough, Huw Price, Kevin Scharp and Lionel Shapiro. Further details are available here.

Metaphysics of Science, Melbourne, 3–5 July 2009

The Centre for Time was a co-sponsor of this conference, held at the University of Melbourne.

Spacetime & Relativity, University of Sydney, 15 April 2009

This workshop was held in conjunction with a visit by Prof Graham Nerlich (Adelaide). Speakers included Graham Nerlich, Dean Rickles (HPS, Sydney), Michael Seevinck (Utrecht) and Hans Westman (Physics/Philosophy, Sydney).

Pragmatic Foundations Workshop, Sydney, 21 January 2009

A workshop in conjunction with the Centre's new Pragmatic Foundations Project. The speakers were Patrick Greenough, Huw Price, Kevin Scharp and Lionel Schapiro. Further details here.

Topics in Causation and Decision Theory, Sydney, 8–9 January 2009

A research workshop in conjunction with visits by Helen Beebee and David Papineau. Other speakers included Jossi Berkovitz, Rachael Briggs, Eric Cavalcanti, Alan Hájek, Jenann Ismael, Owen Maroney, Peter Menzies, Huw Price and Jonathan Schaffer. Further details and program here.