Graduate Program in Complex Systems (CXS)

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From March 2017 our Centre is involved in a postgraduate program in Complex Systems. Postgraduate guide is available here.

Modern smart cities, infrastructure and ecosystems are susceptible to abrupt, large-scale and disruptive dynamics. The Master of Complex Systems degree develops the skills to anticipate, control and manage the complexity of the unexpected.

This uniquely designed program provides the expertise to model, analyse and design resilient strategies for crisis forecasting and management in the areas of technological, socio-economic and socio-ecological systems. It is focused on quantitative modelling and computational simulation of system dynamics, using a broad range of methods from engineering, computer science, information technology, physics, mathematics, health, biology and business.

Leveraging the Centre's research strengths, the students have the flexibility to tailor their learning to professional interests with the choice of five specialisations: biosecurity, ecology, engineering, research methods, and transport.

Course Outline

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Master of Complex Systems: course outline.

Graduate Diploma in Complex Systems: course outline.

More details are available in a recent postgraduate handbook 2018.

Schedule and timetable details for 2018: Master of Complex Systems/ Graduate Diploma of Complex Systems - Enrolment Planner


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Our Complex Systems program offers scholarships for 2018.

In addition, the Master of Complex Systems course has a limited amount of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) available to domestic students in 2018. No additional application is necessary, all domestic applicants for this degree will be considered for CSP.

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