Criminal Record Checks - for certain UAC commencing students

The University is required by the NSW Department of Health to have those commencing students who will be seeking clinical placements, training or field work in facilities operated by the Department, as part of their course, to undertake a Criminal Record Check. For 2012, the UAC courses concerned are:

 UAC Course code  Course description  Criminal Record Check Required?
 511300  Arts/ Social Work  Yes
 511401  Oral Health  Yes
 511615  Social Work  Yes
 511913  Arts/ M Nursing  Yes
 511914  Science/ M Nursing  Yes
 511916  Health Sciences/ M Nursing  Yes
 511925  Nursing (Advanced Studies)  Yes
 512400  Pharmacy  Yes
 512600  Occupational Therapy  Yes
 512605  Physiotherapy  Yes
 512610  Speech Pathology  Yes
 512625  MRS-Diagnostic Radiography  Yes
 512652  Exercise Physiology  Yes
 512655  Exercise and Sport Science  Yes
 512658  Exercise and Sport Science/ M Nutrition  Yes
 512670  Health Sciences  Yes

What you are required to do

At enrolment you will be provided with a package of information concerning the Criminal Record Check process. This process varies depending on whether you are a domestic or international student and it is most important that you read all the material provided and undertake the steps described without delay. On the day of your enrolment you will be required to submit a signed “Student Undertaking” document as part of this process. The staff to whom you submit this document will be able to explain the process to you but it is most important that you have read the material provided before approaching them.

As soon as possible after your enrolment at the University you will need to attend the NSW Police Station nearest your semester residence, or nearest the Campus of the University at which you are studying. At the Police Station you will be required to apply for a National Criminal History Record Check and pay the required fee. Some three weeks thereafter you will receive by mail a “National Police Certificate”. It is this certificate you will need to present when entering facilities of the NSW Department of Health.

The above applies to both domestic and international students, however, there are additional requirements for international students which are explained in the package of information you will be provided with at enrolment.