Software Engineering Lab


At Latte we research and develop systems that learn and help people learn.

We are developing digital learning and collaborative applications that use machine learning algorithms to improve the user experience or produce innovative functionalities.

Current projects

  • Text mining functionalities to support collaborative learning
  • Writing support and feedback tools
  • Affective computing
  • positive computing, bio-sensors,
  • Computer supported collaborative work and learning
  • Physiological (EEG/EKG/EMG) signal processing using machine learning algorithms
  • We are part of the Sciences and Technologies  research network at the University of Sydney.



  • Calvo receives National Teaching Award [Read more]
  • Congratulations to Jorge Villalon and Omar Alzoubi for completing their PhDs!.
  • New BooK: Calvo, R. A., & D'Mello, S. (eds.). (2011). New Perspectives on Affect and Learning Technologies. Explorations in the Learning Sciences, Instructional Systems and Performance Technologies vol 3, Springer:New York. [Amazon]
  • Latte receives Google Research Award [Read More]


Siento: Affective computing
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iWrite: Support for Academic Writing
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