Enrolment information for Master’s and Graduate Diploma students

Please note the information on enrolment are continuously being updated without notice.

How to enrol and pay your fees

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Commencing students - Are you a commencing student enrolling with Sydney Law School for the first time?

Accepting your offer
Before you are able to enrol, you must accept your offer by going to the [My Applications] tab in Sydney Student with your username and password and use the offer acceptance facility.

Completing your enrolment
After accepting your offer, please select your units of study and complete your enrolment. International students must enrol in accordance with the conditions as outlined in their admission and/or scholarship offer letter. 2016 new enrolments will open on 30 November 2015, please visit enrolment support site

If you are unable to commence your studies for the specified semester, you may apply for permission to defer the commencement of your studies for a maximum period of up to two semesters.

You may not defer your studies if you have already completed your enrolment online. However, you may withdraw from all units of study by applying for either a suspension or course discontinuation. Please refer to how to suspend or discontinue your studies.

If you require general support on How to accept an offer? please contact:

    - domestic.admissions@sydney.edu.au
    - international.admissions@sydney.edu.au

For specific Sydney Law School course, timetable and progression advice, please contact:

Re-enrolling students - Are you returning to studies after a period of absence?

Students who would like to recommence their studies after an approved period of suspension of candidature should follow the re-enrolment instructions at enrolment support site. Please also refer to select your units of study and complete your enrolment.

Students who are returning to studies after a long period of unapproved leave of absence, they must seek permission to commence a new candidature, please see application procedures at How to apply?

Continuing students

You are a continuing student if you have been successfully enrolled from one semester to another. You may vary your enrolment in accordance with the relevant census dates. Continuing students will be invited to enrol in units of study for the following year in mid-November.

2016 new enrolments will open on 8 December 2015. Please read the information at select your units of study before completing your "Enrolment" task in "My Studies" tab in your Sydney Student portal at MyUni. You are encouraged to access the University enrolment support site

How to Vary your enrolment after completing your enrolment?

Selecting your units of study

Before completing your enrolment, please familiarise yourself with the specific requirements for successful completion of your award course and select your unit(s) of study from the Sydney Law School lecture timetable for both semesters (if commencing in Semester 1) and Semester 2 only (if commencing in mid-year).

Domestic students may enrol up to 12 credit points (part-time) and 24 credit points (full-time) per semester. International students must enrol in 24 credit points per semester.

Completing your enrolment

Following acceptance of your offer, you will need to select your units of study and complete your enrolment at MyUni. You are encouraged to access the University enrolment support website website prior to completing your enrolment. The website will provide helpful information which will take you through the enrolment process step by step. International students must enrol in accordance with the conditions as outlined in their admission and/or scholarship offer letter. Once you have become formally enrolled, you will be invited to enrol in units of study for the following year in mid-November.

Varying your unit selections after formal enrolment

You may vary your units of study selection at MyUni after completing your enrolment. Variations must be completed by the relevant enrolment/withdrawal census date. See Fee Payments.

For withdrawal request after the relevant census date, please refer to faculty guidelines in relation to “Discontinued – Not to count as failure” (DC)

Please also visit these links if you are adding/withdrawing from:

Enrolment in early/late semester intensive units

You may not be able to enrol directly in to a unit if you are trying to enrol outside the prescribed enrolment window. You will need to forward a request for "special permission".

Please login to your Sydney Student portal through MyUni using your UniKey.

Request for special permission by:

  1. Navigating to "My Studies"
  2. Select "Units of Study"
  3. then "Apply for Special Permission"

For any further assistance, please contact Law Postgraduate Team

Enrolment in an intensive unit should be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the first class. Students who intend to withdraw from an intensive unit of study are required to do so as soon as possible and must be before the close of business on the first day of classes. Withdrawal requests made subsequent to the first day of classes may incur an administration fee. Please note important dates for withdrawal census date and Fee Payments.

You should carefully assess your availability to prepare/attend classes and complete your assessments before changing your unit selections. Special consideration is not available due to a timetable clash or conflicting university/employment commitments.

When selecting intensive units, please take careful note of the dates on which classes will be held. Students will not be permitted to enrol in intensive units with conflicting dates. Students must attend all classes on the timetabled dates as prescribed for their enrolled session/group. An Absent Fail may be granted to students who fail to attend the correct session/group. Intensive units of study could require final assessments to be submitted between 4 to 8 weeks after the last day of class. Please take this into consideration when enrolling in these units, particularly if you are on a student visa requiring completion of your course at the end of the semester. Results will be released after the results period as specified by Sydney Law School. Publication of results will be released after the results period as specified by Sydney Law School.

Attendance requirements

Students must attend at least 70% of classes in order to satisfy class attendance requirements. Participation in all scheduled sessions of an intensive unit is essential. Exemption may only be considered by the lecturer upon satisfactory evidence of compelling grounds i.e. serious illness, injury or misadventure which occur during an intensive unit. Students with an unsatisfactory attendance record may be refused permission to undertake assessment tasks in the unit, and must therefore discontinue the unit.

Enrolment in department and special permission units

Students will not be able to enrol in the following without faculty approval:

Department permission

Special permission

Cross-institutional study

  • Prior to enrolment with the host University, a Cross-institutional study application must be approved by the faculty. Commencing students may not undertake their first semester of study entirely by way of cross-institutional study. To be formally enrolled, that is, to be issued with a student campus card and granted UniKey and library access, a student must be enrolled in at least one unit of study offered by Sydney Law School.

Transferring award courses

If you intend to transfer your candidature to another award course, you will need to stay enrolled in the current course until approval for the transfer is granted. Master’s students may apply for an "early exit" and graduate with an embedded graduate diploma. Please visit How to apply?

Unable to continue your studies?

If you are unable to continue your studies, you should seek permission to either defer if you are a (commencing students), or suspend/ discontinue your course if you are a current student. If you intend to suspend your studies for one semester only, you should enrol for the semester in which studies will be undertaken.

Conditions of enrolment

Despite any publication or announcement, the University may change or cancel arrangements for courses or units of study, including in respect of staffing, content or location. The University will use reasonable endeavours to update the timetable with respect to any cancellation or change. The University will not be liable to any student for any consequential loss suffered as a result of cancellation or change, including travel or other costs incurred. Please consult the Timetable and Units page for the latest information

Help advice

    T: In Australia: 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
    T: Outside Australia: + 61 2 8627 1444

We're available between 9am and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.

For specific Sydney Law School course, timetable and progression advice

Juris Doctor (JD) students, please contact

Study Resources

UniKey access and Sydney mail

A range of online services is provided to enrolled students. All students are issued with a UniKey login name and password at the time of initial enrolment. Your UniKey details also provide you with access to your Sydney Mail (University email) account. Important notices such as availability of Learning Management System sites, notification of last-minute changes to class times/locations, reminders on enrolment procedures/deadlines as well as official correspondence from the University's central administration (including the library) will be sent to this account. It is essential that you either check it on a regular basis or arrange for mail to be redirected to an address of your choice (go to http://sydney.edu.au/ict/student). If you choose to redirect your Sydney Mail, please ensure you maintain a current alternate address. For assistance, please contact the ICT Help Desk.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The University Learning Management System is used by the Sydney Law School to manage online course content. A LMS site is developed for each unit of study and the material found on these sites is supplemental and supportive to your face-to-face studies. Unit outlines, reading materials, class handouts, PowerPoint slides, notices, and links to relevant University sites are some materials which may be available on each site.

LMS sites are generally accessible on the first day of classes for semester-length units. Students enrolled in intensive units will be notified of the availability of the LMS site via their University email address.

Students are strongly advised to check LMS sites regularly as important notices and assessment details may be posted to the unit LMS site. To log into the LMS, go to https://elearning.sydney.edu.au. Alternatively, students may access the LMS via the Sydney Law School website (select ‘eLearning/LMS’ from the ‘Quick Links’ drop-down menu). Students will need a UniKey login to access the system.

For technical enquiries regarding the Law LMS sites, please contact the Law eLearning / LMS Co-ordinator.