Policy Register

The Policies Development and Review Rule establishes the Policy Register.

The Policy Register is the authoritative source for University policy documents. It is based on the TRIM software which the University uses to manage its archives and record-keeping systems.

You can access the Policy Register here.

Course resolutions, faculty resolutions and other documents relating to the academic governance of individual faculties and their courses are not found in the Policy Register. To find them, please go to the handbooks website.

Finding current policy documents

The policy documents which are publicly displayed on the Policy Register are the definitive and current versions, regardless of any different versions which may exist elsewhere. We are working to identify and eliminate other versions, and to replace them with links to the Policy Register, but this may take some time.

The Policy Register provides several options for users to locate current policy documents. For tips and FAQs on searching the register, see here.

The initially available search options are:

  • Category search. The documents are listed under categories and subcategories, according to the policy areas to which they relate. Documents are listed under as many categories or subcategories as are relevant. The Policy Register uses a different document categorisation system to the one presently used in Policy Online, and you can see the complete categorisation system here.
  • Keyword search. The register has its own thesaurus of keywords, and each document has a number of keywords attached to it. You can see the full list of keywords here or on the Policy Register page itself.
  • Title search. The title search allows you to enter all or part of a document’s title in order to locate it.

In future, a content search will also be available. This search will examine the full text of registered documents to look for a specific word or words appearing anywhere in them.

Searches can also be filtered, by type of document or category of user to which the documents apply.

Finding superseded policy documents

Because the Policy Register is based on records management software and actually stores copies of documents, policy documents which are superseded after its commencement will be able to be identified and retrieved. Copies of documents superseded before the implementation of the policy register may be available, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you need to access a superseded document please contact the Policy Manager.

For CMS editors and document authors – creating links to registered policy documents

Registered documents must not be copied onto other websites. Instead, those sites should link to the register. The following process can be used to create a link which will go directly to the most recent published version of a policy document.

NOTE: This process does not work if you use Google Chrome to access the Policy Register. It is preferable to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Go to the Policy Register
  2. Using the search mechanism, find the document you are looking for. The fastest way will be to type the most distinctive words from the title into a title search.
  3. This will bring up the entry for the document, which will consist of a pdf icon on the left hand side and the title of the policy on the right.
  4. Right click on the title of the policy (ie the words). This will bring up a menu.
  5. From the menu, select “Copy shortcut”.
  6. This will paste to the clipboard a url for the document which will always point to the most current version in the Register.
  7. Paste the url into your document, or use it to create a hyperlink in your document.

If you have any questions or problems creating links, please contact the Policy Manager.