The Bosch Institute Mission

The Bosch Institute is a major centre for medical research at the University of Sydney. It brings together basic and clinical research scientists to tackle major unsolved questions about the human body in health and in illness.

Our mission:

  • To perform high quality research into the normal functioning of the healthy human body.
  • To perform high quality research into the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of human diseases.
  • To provide outstanding training for junior scientists in the intellectual, practical and ethical aspects of biomedical research.

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Latest news & events

Bosch Institute Translational Meeting - 29th September 2015

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You are invited to attend the Bosch Institute Translational Meeting - 29th September - 9.00am - noon - New Law School Building Lecture Theatre 104. Come along and hear of the progress achieved with the support of a Bosch Institute Translational Grant-in-Aid.
For full program go to this link and to register for this event go to here.

Statistical Analysis using GraphPad Prism

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The Bio2 facility offers Biostatistics and Bioinformatics training and advice for members of the facility. Our program in September/October is a series of four workshops designed take attendees through the steps of choosing tests and performing analysis using the software package GraphPad Prism. Read more...

Bosch Young Investigators Seminar Series 2015

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The second Bosch Young Investigator Seminar will be on Friday 25th September from 12-2 PM in Room N248, Anderson Stuart. There will be a free BBQ for all attendees following the talks. Read more...

Bosch Institute AMF User Group Meeting, 22 September 2015

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You are invited to join the first AMF user group meeting! The aim of this meeting is to allow AMF users to talk about their microscopy-related research, to share preparation methods and labelling tips and tricks, and to learn from others. We are thrilled to have so many great speakers to start this event off. If successful, there will be a few of these meetings organised per year. This meeting is intended for both those new to microscopy as well as experienced microscopists. Do invite your colleagues that you think will be interested in this event! Read more...

Bosch Institute Advanced Excel Workshop, 9 September 2015

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The Bosch Institute invites you to attend the Advanced Excel workshop on 9 September, 2015. This program is aimed at students, postgraduates, researchers, general staff and academics who are working with large or complex datasets in Excel. It is also useful for anyone wishing to minimise the time required to complete tedious and repetitive tasks using this program. Read more...

Bosch Institute - Rebecca Cooper Prize & Medal for Best Postdoctoral Publication Announced

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At the Annual Bosch Scientific and Young Investigator’s conference held recently on the 16th-17th July, Dr. Michael Lovelace received the 2014 Rebecca Cooper Prize and Medal for best postdoctoral publication, for his manuscript entitled “P2X7 receptors mediate innate phagocytosis by human neural precursor cells and neuroblasts”. Read more...

Data Presentation in Your Thesis, August and September 2015

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The Bio2 (Biostatistics & Bioinformatics) Facility is a new initiative of the Bosch Institute. It will provide training and advice for members of the facility. The first workshop is free and open to all. This workshop is designed for students who are about to present their research results in a thesis or manuscript. Come to this workshop to find out more!...

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