The Bosch Institute Mission

The Bosch Institute is a major centre for medical research at the University of Sydney. It brings together basic and clinical research scientists to tackle major unsolved questions about the human body in health and in illness.

Our mission:

  • To perform high quality research into the normal functioning of the healthy human body.
  • To perform high quality research into the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of human diseases.
  • To provide outstanding training for junior scientists in the intellectual, practical and ethical aspects of biomedical research.

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Latest news & events

Bosch Institute Annual Scientific Meeting, 20 July 2017

Image of 2017 ASM Cover

This year the Bosch Institute's Annual Scientific Meeting will present "Regenerative Medicine: Repairing the Damaged Body". The special one day event will feature speakers from across all the Bosch Research Themes and will also show case the latest in technologies. The conference is open to basic scientists and physicians to enable effective cross cutting of interdisciplinary ideas and to stimulate collaboration. The meeting will also provide an outstanding opportunity and exciting environment for junior investigators and trainees to develop their knowledge. Read more...

Bosch Institute Distinguished Seminar Series - 25th May 2017

Image of A/Prof Richard Callaghan

You are invited to attend the Bosch Institute Distinguished Seminar Series, "Uncovering the molecular mechanism of multidrug efflux by P-glycoprotein: can biochemistry help?" by A/Prof Richard Callaghan from Biomedical Science and Biochemistry, Research School of Biology, Australian National University, on 25th May (1.00-2.00 pm) at Norman Gregg LT, Edward Ford Building (A27). Read more...

Mammalian Cell Culture: A Practical Approach - March and April 2017

Flyer of workshop

This course is designed for beginners to understanding the principles and practice of growing and maintaining mammalian cells in culture. It will be held in the Medical Foundation Building (K25) and comprises of five theoretical sessions and four practical sessions that will take place from the 28th of March to the 6th of April. The morning of the 31st of March will deal with the theoretical part of cell culture. Read more...

Workshops from Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility- March and April 2017

Image of flyer

The Bio2 Facility of the Bosch Institute provides training and advice in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Two courses are available in March and April. 1) Multivariate analysis allows us to make sense of complex systems. This workshop focuses on two approaches of multivariate analysis, multiple regression models and Factor (and Principal Components) analysis. 2) Statistical Analysis with GraphPad Prism. This series of four workshops provides research students with a theoretical and practical introduction to statistical analysis. Read more...

Bosch Young Investigator Retreat, Kioloa 2017

Image of BYI Retreat

This year’s BYI Retreat was held at the charming Kioloa ANU Coastal Campus over 3 days. The retreat consisted of multiple academic activities delivered in a relaxed setting, including oral/poster presentation workshops, strategies to increase employability, career development and mentoring sessions. Read more...

Rebecca L Cooper Prize - Applications now Open

Rebecca L Cooper Prize

Applications are now open for the Rebecca L Cooper prize and Medal administered through the Bosch Institute. The prize was offered for the first time in 2004. It is made possible by a generous donation from the Rebecca L Cooper Foundation, which supports biomedical research in Australia. For more information and application detail - please go to here.

Bercovici Prize - Applications now Open

Bercovici Prize

Applications are now open for the Bercovici prize administered through the Bosch Institute. The Bercovici Prize - Open to candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (best postgrad publication). For more information - please go to here.

The HL and PO Bishop Fellowship in Neuroscience 2017 - 2019

HL and PO Bishop Fellowship

The Bosch Institute is pleased to invite applications for The HL and PO Bishop Fellowship in Neuroscience 2017 - 2019. Made possible by a bequest made by Professor P.O Bishop FAA FRS and Mrs Hilare Bishop, this Fellowship is to be awarded to a member of the Bosch Institute, of the University of Sydney. The Fellowship is to enable the awardee to visit a neuroscience centre for collaborative work, or to fund or support a novel development in neuroscience, or to improve the communication and teaching of neuroscience. Applications are invited from eligible people, i.e. from members of the Institute. Applications close March 31, 2017. Read more...

A pro-forma application can be downloaded here.