The Bosch Institute Mission

The Bosch Institute is a major centre for medical research at the University of Sydney. It brings together basic and clinical research scientists to tackle major unsolved questions about the human body in health and in illness.

Our mission:

  • To perform high quality research into the normal functioning of the healthy human body.
  • To perform high quality research into the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of human diseases.
  • To provide outstanding training for junior scientists in the intellectual, practical and ethical aspects of biomedical research.

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Latest news & events

A Practical Introduction to Working with Laboratory Mice, October - November 2017

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This introductory workshop is most suited to new and inexperienced researchers and aims to promote ethical, confident and competent interactions with laboratory animals. This program offers a unique opportunity for students and researchers to gain hands-on experience with the most commonly used laboratory animal procedures and techniques with support by professional staff and equipment. Read more...

LC-QQQ-MS Seminar and Workshop Series - 25 October 2017

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The Bosch Institute’s recent acquisition of the Shimadzu UHPLC-Triple quad mass spectrometer system has expanded the capabilities of the Institute to perform new and more sensitive analyses. The Bosch Institute, in conjunction with Shimadzu Scientific, is presenting a series of seminars and workshops to ensure the new system is used to its full capability for all research projects. Read more...

Twenty Five Years on

Image of Prof Steve Robinson

Professor Steve Robinson was visiting Sydney to give an invited seminar in the Anderson Stuart series (title: “Neuropathology of obstructive sleep apnoea - a precursor to Alzheimer's?”) The seminar was very well attended and generated a very lively discussion. Read more...

Bosch Institute Annual Scientific Meeting - 20th July 2017

Image of 2017 ASM Cover

This year the Bosch Institute's Annual Scientific Meeting will present "Regenerative Medicine: Repairing the Damaged Body". The special one day event will feature speakers from across all the Bosch Research Themes and will also show case the latest in technologies. The conference is open to basic scientists and physicians to enable effective cross cutting of interdisciplinary ideas and to stimulate collaboration. The meeting will also provide an outstanding opportunity and exciting environment for junior investigators and trainees to develop their knowledge. Read more...

Click here to register (free of charge).

Bosch Young Investigators Seminar Series - 14th July 2017

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You are invited to attend the Second Bosch Young Investigators Seminar Series. The seminar will be held on Friday 14th July from 10-11 AM in Room N248, Anderson Stuart. Read more...

Bosch Institute User Group Meeting - 8th June 2017

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You are invited to attend the upcoming Bosch Institute User Group Meeting. With all Bosch Facilities represented, this meeting will showcase some of the interesting research being carried out by current users of the Bosch Institute Facilities. Read more...

Bosch Institute Special Seminar - 2nd June 2017

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You are invited to attend a special seminar held on Friday June 2, at 1.00pm in the Anderson Stuart Building (Room N248). Two speakers are both from the International Clinical Research Centre in Brno, Czech Republic ( Read more...

Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph of the Year Competition - and the Winners are………

Micrograph of the Year 2016 - First Prize

The Top 20 images selected from 70+ entries to the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility (AMF) Micrograph of the Year 2016 competition are now on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room, Anderson Stuart Building F13, School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney. To read more and find out who the winners are including the Peoples Choice Award click here.

Bosch Institute Distinguished Seminar Series - 25th May 2017

Image of A/Prof Richard Callaghan

You are invited to attend the Bosch Institute Distinguished Seminar Series, "Uncovering the molecular mechanism of multidrug efflux by P-glycoprotein: can biochemistry help?" by A/Prof Richard Callaghan from Biomedical Science and Biochemistry, Research School of Biology, Australian National University, on 25th May (1.00-2.00 pm) at Norman Gregg LT, Edward Ford Building (A27). Read more...

Click here for the seminar podcasts


Image of A/Prof Renae Ryan

Associate Professor Renae Ryan has recently been recognised in various news articles for her outstanding performance and achievements which includes being appointed as the Academic Director of SAGE, being a Leader for gender equality in Medicine and being interviewed for the University News as an influential woman in Health Research during this years International Women's Day recognition. Congratulations Renae!

Ninety five not out - Professor Emeritus William (Liam) Burke

Image of Prof Liam Burke

On Friday April 21 2017, an extraordinary group - all colleagues, family or friends of Liam Burke - gathered in the Courtyard of the Anderson Stuart Building to celebrate his 95th birthday. Read more...

Liam Burke's 95th Gallery

Brain awareness week at Sydney International Grammar School, March 2017

Image of Brain awareness week

During Brain Awareness Week, Dr Huang and her team visited Sydney International Grammar School in March 2017. They successfully promoted neuroscience and science to Year 8 students. Their activities also attracted some Year 12 students while they were on a break. Read more...

"Nature" cover features research collaboration with Maria Byrne's lab

Image of "Nature" cover

Nature magazine's cover-image for March 2017 features a coral reef image that was taken as part of a nation-wide research collaboration that included Maria Byrne's Integrative Biology and Evolution of Marine and Freshwater Invertebrates lab. Read more...