The Bosch Institute Mission

The Bosch Institute is a major centre for medical research at the University of Sydney. It brings together basic and clinical research scientists to tackle major unsolved questions about the human body in health and in illness.

Our mission:

  • To perform high quality research into the normal functioning of the healthy human body.
  • To perform high quality research into the causes, prevention, detection and treatment of human diseases.
  • To provide outstanding training for junior scientists in the intellectual, practical and ethical aspects of biomedical research.

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Latest news & events

The Heart as an “Engine of Death” for the Brain - Ockham's Razor

Image of heart

The Institute’s Executive Director (Prof Jonathan Stone) will stretch his vocal cords on Radio Nationals Ockham’s Razor Program, next Sunday morning (February 1). At 7.45am. The talk, which is called A Tale of Two Organs, will be introduced by ABC Science’s Robyn Williams, concerns the cause of age-related dementia (Alzheimer’s disease). It is the heart, he will argue, that destroys the brain and brings on the dementia. And, if the idea proves right, a new limit has been identified to human longevity. Read more...

Bosch Young Investigator Retreat, Kioloa 2015

Image of BYI Retreat 2014

The Annual Bosch Young Investigator Retreat is just around the corner!! The retreat will take place from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th February 2015 at Kioloa Coastal Campus, just north of Bateman's Bay. The retreat is for all postgraduate students and postdoctoral trainees who want to network with their peers, gain advice on career development/pathways, learn how to effectively present both oral and poster presentations and write effectively. Read more...

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility “Micrograph of the Year” Competition back in 2015!

Image of Dec 2014 micrograph

The Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility “Micrograph of the Year” Competition is back in 2015! Enter for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize and also have your work featured. Read more...

HL and PO Bishop Fellowship in Neuroscience

Image of Bishop

The Bosch Institute of the University of Sydney invites applications for the inaugural HL and PO Bishop Fellowship in neuroscience. Endowed by the late Professor P.O. Bishop (Professor of Physiology, 1956-7) the Fellowship is to enable the awardee to undertake a project of 1 – 2 years’ duration, which will further neuroscience in the Bosch Institute and more widely. Applications should be made on a proforma application, which can be downloaded from here. Read more...

Media reports research findings of Bio PhD student, Ian O'Brien

Image of Ian

Congratulations to Ian O'Brien, a PhD student in the Discipline of Biomedical Science who was reported and interviewed in the media following recent publication of his research on hearing loss and hearing conservation amongst Australia's professional orchestras. Read more...

Read the Executive Director's Report 2014 - Download Here

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Read the Executive Director's Report 2014.

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Read the Bosch Institute Triennial Report.