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Sydney Analytical

Enabling research excellence
Sydney Analytical, one of the University of Sydney’s core research facilities, provides state-of-the-art instruments and technical expertise for sample characterisation.

Sydney Analytical is the University’s core research facility dedicated to material, chemical and biological analysis. We offer open access to the University’s flagship capabilities for vibrational spectroscopy, x-ray analysis and magnetic resonance, as well as expert technical guidance, to support researchers as they address their most challenging research priorities.    

Sydney Analytical fully complements the important work being undertaken at local and international centres for collaborative research, and our network of partnerships which includes members such as Sydney Nano, the Brain and Mind Centre and Charles Perkins Centre, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, as well as extensive industry collaborators, represents a significant knowledge base through which to drive academic excellence and high-impact research outcomes.

Sydney Analytical Director: Professor Peter Lay

Facility Manager (Vibrational Spectroscopy): Dr Elizabeth Carter

Facility Manager (X-ray): Dr William Lewis

Operations Manager: Dr Peter Southon

Administration Officer: Amie Wheeler

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Sydney Analytical

  • Sydney Analytical maintains instruments in locations across the Camperdown/Darlington campus. Our principle locations are the Madsen Building (F09), Chemistry Building (F11), and Molecular Bioscience Building (G08). Our administration is in room 246, Madsen Building (F09), Camperdown Campus, University of Sydney.

Madsen Building

School of Chemistry

Molecular Bioscience Building

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