Executive Leadership Group

The Executive Leadership Group is chaired by the Executive Director and includes the leaders of the 5 Research Themes.

Name Position

Professor Jonathan Stone

Executive Director

Professor Rebecca Mason


Charean Adams

Chief Operations Officer

Dr Steve Assinder


Dr Elena Bagley


Associate Professor Tailoi Chan-Ling

Postdoctoral Fellowships / Media

Professor Roger Dampney


Research Theme Leader

Dr Margot Day


Professor Nicholas King

Infection, immunity & inflammation

Research Theme Leader

Dr Cathy Leamey


Associate Professor Frank Lovicu

Young Investigators

Young Investigators & Postgraduate Coordinator

Associate Professor Susan McLennan 

Clinical Interface with RPAH

Associate Professor Bill Phillips

Nervous system, senses & movement

Research Theme Leader

Professor Des Richardson

Cancer, cell biology & development

Research Theme Leader

Dr Stuart Fraser

Organ and Tissue Replacement

Research Theme Leader