Equipment Bookings


In order to book ANY AMF workstation, you will need to first request a PPMS account as an AMF user via the PPMS link posted below OR directly via the Bosch AMF bookings page: In the latter case, simply click on the link: "Please go to PPMS to book this workstation" on the bookings page and you will be directed to the PPMS account creation page.

Once you have entered the PPMS login page, you may find that if you are already an AMF user then an account MAY have already been set up for you...

To find your username, check in "list of PPMS accounts" pull-down menu, select your account and enter your old password to log in (if you have used PPMS before). If you are unsure of your password, please go to to create a new or reset a password. It may take a short while to receive a response here, so please be patient.

If your username is not listed here then follow the link listed to fill in an account creation request. Note: Your account number is your account log in (ie. usually first part of your email address) and not your payment details. Each user must have and use their own account and NOT share or use another users account.

Please note that bookings made on the old AMF booking page (above link) on and from Monday July 22nd 2013 will not be valid. So do make sure that you have a PPMS account prior to this date!

Please be patient during this time since switching over to a new software can cause delays and issues.

Important: Making and Editing your bookings in PPMS:

Please be careful when selecting your booking times on instruments. If you book the incorrect time or make a mistake whilst booking or need to change an existing booking, you will need to CANCEL your current booking and REBOOK for the rescheduled time and/or date. Notification will be sent to me if you have cancelled your booking. This is important since it helps us identify those persons that continue to cancel or change their sessions with or without usage.

Please note:

  • All Account requests will need to be validated by a user administrator.
  • Users will be able to make a booking or training request right after their requested account has been validated.
Equipment booking

"PPMS (Platform-Pilot Management Software) is a web based application for the management of shared scientific resource centers and research core facilities (platforms). It optimizes access and shared use of communal resources. PPMS was developed specifically for the management of core facilities by developers working in core facilities."

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