Equipment Bookings

Bosch AMF Booking System: PPMS

All Bosch AMF workstations and microscopes can be booked by registered users through PPMS.

To create a new PPMS account, please go to and complete an account creation request. New account requests will need to be approved by a user administrator.

Registered users will be given booking permissions for equipment they have been trained on. Each user must have and use their own account and NOT share or use another users account.

If you are unsure of your password, please go to to create a new or reset a password. It may take a short while to receive a response here, so please be patient.

Making and Editing your bookings in PPMS

Please be careful when selecting your booking times on instruments. If you book the incorrect time, make a mistake whilst booking or need to change an existing booking, you will need to CANCEL your current booking and REBOOK for the rescheduled time and/or date. Notification will be sent to the Core Facilities Manager if you have cancelled your booking. This is important since it helps us identify those persons that continue to cancel or change their sessions with or without usage.

Equipment booking

"PPMS (Platform-Pilot Management Software) is a web based application for the management of shared scientific resource centers and research core facilities (platforms). It optimizes access and shared use of communal resources. PPMS was developed specifically for the management of core facilities by developers working in core facilities."

For further information, please visit:

If you have any concerns here, please do not hesitate to contact Louise Cole on

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have forgotten my PPMS account email and password?
    If you have forgotten your PPMS account login details, please do NOT create a new account. Please contact us and we can give you the correct login email address. Once logged in you will receive a reset code sent to this email address and you can then create a new password to log into your account. To create a new password, go to:
  • My PPMS account is not ACTIVE?
    If your PPMS account is not active, this probably means that you are not currently a registered user of the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility. To find out how to register for this Facility, please go to: and follow the instructions.
  • I cannot book the microscope that I want to use?
    If you cannot see the microscope that you want to use then maybe you have not been trained on this microscope? You will be given access to book only the microscope(s) you have been trained on. If you have been trained on any microscope but still cannot access its booking page, please contact the Microscopy Officer.
  • When I go to book the microscope, PPMS acts me to create a project?
    In some cases, the microscopes or workstations have restricted access to users with specific and relevant projects. Please provide brief details about your project and why you need this microscope in particular. Once your project has been accepted, you can then book the microscope.
  • When I go to book the microscope, I cannot book more than a certain number of hours?
    Busy microscopes with a large number of users have restricted booking hours. These microscopes include the following: ZEISS LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope, ZEISS “deconvolution” microscope and the Leica SPE2 confocal microscope and sometimes others. These microscopes can be booked by any user for up to 6 hours between the working hours (9 am to 5 pm, Mon to Fri) plus 8 hours after hours (5 pm to 9 am Mon to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday) per week. PPMS will prevent you from booking more than six hours per week during working hours however cannot prevent you from overbooking after hours. Please do not over-book after hours without prior arrangement with the Microscopy Officer. Any additional hours can also be booked for you by arrangement with the Microscopy Officer. If you do overbook without prior arrangement your sessions may be cancelled.
  • How do I report a problem with the microscope?
    If you experience a problem when you are using any microscope or workstation, please contact the Microscopy Officer directly. Please also record the problem on the microscope log sheet provided.
  • I cannot cancel my microscope booking?
    For some microscopes, you are unable to cancel your booking on the microscope with less than 24 hours notice. If this is the case and you need to cancel you booking, please contact the Microscopy Officer and your session will be cancelled. This restriction is in place so that you take care only to book the microscope sessions that you intend to use.
  • What is an intervention?
    When you go to book the microscope or workstation you may see that the timeslots are “blue” in colour. This alerts you to an intervention on the system. The intervention is outlined below the booking page and refers to a special configuration of the microscope.
What an Intervention looks like on the PPMS booking page.
  • How to report a publication that includes the use of a microscope or workstation in the Bosch AMF?
    When you register as a Bosch AMF user, you must agree to acknowledge the Bosch Institute AMF on all publications and presentations resulting from its use, and if appropriate, the Core Officer should also be acknowledged. In order, to help us keep up to date with publications and presentations arsing from the Bosch AMF, it is very helpful if you can submit the details of these publications using PPMS.
How to report a publication using PPMS.