Equipment Bookings

Bosch AMF Booking System: PPMS

All Bosch AMF workstations and microscopes can be booked by registered users through PPMS.

To create a new PPMS account, please go to and complete an account creation request. New account requests will need to be approved by a user administrator.

Registered users will be given booking permissions for equipment they have been trained on. Each user must have and use their own account and NOT share or use another users account.

If you are unsure of your password, please go to to create a new or reset a password. It may take a short while to receive a response here, so please be patient.

Making and Editing your bookings in PPMS

Please be careful when selecting your booking times on instruments. If you book the incorrect time, make a mistake whilst booking or need to change an existing booking, you will need to CANCEL your current booking and REBOOK for the rescheduled time and/or date. Notification will be sent to the Core Facilities Manager if you have cancelled your booking. This is important since it helps us identify those persons that continue to cancel or change their sessions with or without usage.

Equipment booking

"PPMS (Platform-Pilot Management Software) is a web based application for the management of shared scientific resource centers and research core facilities (platforms). It optimizes access and shared use of communal resources. PPMS was developed specifically for the management of core facilities by developers working in core facilities."

For further information, please visit:

If you have any concerns here, please do not hesitate to contact Louise Cole on