Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph of the Year Competition

Micrographs of 2010

It has been yet another great year for the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph Competition. In the end there were SEVENTY-TWO entries! So a huge thank-you to all who entered. Assoc. Prof Cedric Shorey (Honorary Associate in the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology) and Jenny Whiting (EMU, previously Wellcome Trust Foundation, UK) had the difficult task (once again) of judging the competition ie. selecting the Top 20 as well as the winners. This job gets tougher every year!

As usual, the TOP 20 micrographs were on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room from Monday November 22nd to 4.00 pm Friday December 3rd inclusive.

Top 20 Micrographs 2010

Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Top 20 Micrographs 2010
Images taken by Bosch members and AMF users:
Top row (left to right): Carsten Minten, Jarred Bambridge, Michelle Gerke, Yui Kaneko, Haydn Allbutt
Second row (left to right): Hyunchul Lee, Nathan Coorey, Yui Murata & Marco Morsch, Megan Steain, Steven Eamegdool
Third row (left to right): Tariq Chohan, Gagandeep Kaur, Sharissa Latham, Louise Baxter, Steven Eamegdool
Bottom row (left to right): Nick Cole, Hussein Mansour, Andrew Arthur, Michael Lovelace, Yan Li

This year there were seven winners (this includes the most-coveted Micrograph of the Year award). All winners were announced after the Bosch Young Investigators Symposium on Tuesday November 30th.

First prize: $250 sponsored by Bosch Institute
Yui Murata and Marco Morsch

Bill Phillips lab, Physiology, Bosch Institute
3D projected image of three neuromuscular junctions

1st Prize Winner 2010

Second prize: iPod Touch sponsored by LasTek
Michael Lovelace

Tailoi Chan-Ling lab, Discipline of Anatomy and Histology
“The dawn of neurodevelopment – the migratory journey of neural precursors”

2nd Prize Winner 2010

Third prize: Compact binoculars sponsored by Carl Zeiss
Nathan Coorey

Gillies Research Group, Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health, Save Sight Institute
Organisation of Müller cells in the mouse retina.

3rd Prize Winner 2010

Fourth prize: Compact digital camera sponsored by Olympus Australia
Andrew Arthur

Karen Cullen Laboratory, Discipline of Anatomy & Histology
Image showing clear co-localisation of Alzheimer plaques and microvessels in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

4th Prize Winner 2010

Fifth Prize: Compact digital camera sponsored by Nikon/Coherent Scientific
Gagandeep Kaur

Michelle Gerke lab, Discipline of Anatomy & Histology
The sick and the dead....image of primary sensory neurons

5th Prize Winner 2010

Sixth prize: iPod shuffle sponsored by Perkin Elmer
Yui Kaneko

Chris Murphy Lab, Anatomy & Histology, Bosch Institute
“Landing Blastocyst: The moment of implantation”

6th Prize Winner 2010

Seventh prize: iPod nano sponsored by Leica Microsystems Australia
Haydn Allbutt

Physiology, School of Medical Sciences,
A histochemically-stained coronal section through the thalamus of a Sprague dawley rat

7th Prize Winner 2010

This competition was proudly sponsored by Carl Zeiss, Olympus, Leica Microsystems, Nikon Australia, Perkin Elmer, LasTek and the Bosch Institute.