Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph of the Year Competition

Micrographs of 2015

Winners of the Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility Micrograph Of The Year (MOTY) 2015 competition.

Top 20 images of the 2015 MOTY
Sponsors of the 2015 MOTY competition

I am pleased to announce that once again we received a fabulous selection of images. The Top 20 images have been selected by the judges and these images are now on display in the Anderson Stuart Common Room, Anderson Stuart Building F13, The University of Sydney.

We are enormously grateful to Anatomy & Histology (USYD) for sponsoring the printing of these images this year and to the following sponsors for assistance with printing (Vision Graphics) and for the donation of the fabulous prizes.

First Prize: An iPad Mini - Bitplane Imaris
Gerry Shami (Braet Lab)
A Parasitic Wasp.

First Prize: Gerry Shami

Second Prize: $250 - Leica Microsystems Australia
Daniel Brown (Brain and Mind Research Institute)
Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscope Reconstruction of Cochlea with Rhodamine Perfusion.

Second Prize: Daniel Brown

Third Prize: Nikon camera - Nikon Australia/Coherent Scientific
Januar Harianto (Anatomy & Histology)
A Metamorphosing Juvenile Sea Urchin.

Third Prize: Januar Harianto

Fourth Prize: $250 - LaVision
Kristie Smith (Brain and Mind Research Institute)
Projection Of A Light-Sheet Z-stack Of A Cubic-Cleared Thy-1 YFP Mouse Brain Showing Hippocampus and Cortex Regions.

Fourth Prize

Fifth Prize: $150 - Bosch Institute
Henry Williams (Physiology)
Interaction Between Haematopoietic And Epithelial Cells Of The Yolk Sac.

Fifth Prize

Sixth Prize: $100 - Life Technologies
Leyla Fouani (Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology)
Making friends In Science: Metastasised Pancreatic Cancer Cells Undergoing Mitosis.

Sixth Prize

Seventh Prize: A Kindle - Olympus Australia
Carmine Gentile (Heart Research Institute)
Mouse Embryo Labelled For Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS) And The Homeodomain Factor Nkx2.5.

Seventh Prize

Eighth Prize: A lab lunch for up to 10 people - Perkin Elmer
Badwi Boumelhem (Physiology)
Brown Adipose Baskets.

Eighth Prize

Ninth Prize: $100 - Bosch Institute
Sharissa Latham (Pathology)
Tomography Topography.

Ninth Prize