Microscopy User Information


All new users must complete the User Registration Form before using equipment in the Bosch AMF.
They must also be fully trained on the required equipment by the core facilities manager or microscopy officer.

User request/enquiry

To enquire about the facility or for more information please contact the Core Facilities Manager or Microscopy Officer.
We provide introductory training on all equipment. We also also give advice on general microscopy queries and act as a point of contact for microscopy equipment and reagent suppliers.

Training courses

Click here to download the 2016 Summer/Autumn training schedule.

Group training sessions on the instruments are conducted twice a year (March and August). One-on-one training sessions can be booked at any time. One or two training sessions are normally required before one can register as an independent user during normal working hours.

Please complete the training form and bring it with you to your training session.

Other microscope-related courses are conducted on an annual basis. These include introductory courses to Light, Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy. Further details of these courses can be obtained from the Microscopy Officer.

Dr Simon Kinder - PALM workshop

Dr Simon Kinder hosts the first ever PALM laser microdissection microscope workshop at the Bosch Advanced Microscopy Facility.

Online booking system

Only fully trained and registered, microscope users can book the instruments directly. To book a microscope, visit the online booking system and follow the instructions on the Microscopy Bookings page. The multi-user microscope facilities are in high demand so plan ahead, book time slots and stick to them.

Work Health and Safety

The Bosch AMF facility is concerned with the safety of all individuals who use this facilty. Please ensure that you read our WHS documentation prior to using our equipment.

Visit the University of Sydney Safety Health and Wellbeing website for information about University WHS policy, managing risk and safety guidelines.

Histopathology training courses

The Discipline of Pathology will offer two Histopathology courses for research students in early 2016. Both courses are suitable for beginners and those who would like to refresh their knowledge and practical skills.

Each course is completed over 2 days and consists of a 1-hour lecture in the mornings followed by hands-on practical sessions in the laboratory on both days. See links below to view the concepts and practical skills covered in each course.

Introductory Histotechniques
22 - 23 February 2016
24 - 25 February 2016

Introductory Immunohistochemistry
29 February - 1 March 2016
2 -3 March 2016

Click here to view course dates and download the application form.

Tips and Tricks


PDF Downloads

Useful Links

Fluorescence Spectraviewer: The Fluorescence SpectraViewer is an online tool that allows researchers to assess the spectral compatibility of dyes and probes in the course of designing experiments that utilize fluorescence detection techniques.

MyScope: MyScope is an interactive training resource that can help teach you the basics of light, fluorescence and confocal microscopy (as well other advanced instrumentation). It provides the theory to these techniques as well as virtual microscopes where you can put the theory into practise wherever you are and whenever you want to practice!

Mounting Media and AntiFade Reagents: A summary of antifade mounting media and reagents available from ThermoFisher Scientific.

Guide to mounting slides: Instructions for mounting slides and a guide to some basic stains.