Alpha Innotech Digital Imaging System


  • FluorChem SP Digital Imaging System
  • Ideal for instant photography of a wide varitey of samples, including chemiluminescence imaging and UV and white light gel, film and membrane imaging
  • CCD camera with 4 megapixel resolution
  • AlphaEaseFC software allows easy archiving of data and image analysis, including molecular weight sizing, 2D spot densitometry and automatic colony counting


Use of the system in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • The digital imaging system is linked to a computer that also runs the NanoDrop Spectrophotometer. Both of these items of equipment can be booked through the same online booking calendar (only one instrument can be use at a time). Plan ahead, book minimal time slots and stick to them.
  • We have an unlimited site licence of the AlphaEase FC software so you can download this (CD available from the Molecular Biology Officer) onto your own computer (PC only) and do any image analysis in your own time. This will free up the imaging system for capture only
  • The computer is networked, so you can transfer your files to your server to access them through your own computer. Alternatively, take your data away on a USB memory stick. All files should open in Photoshop, or download the AlphaEase FC software. Data left on the computer may be cleaned out/deleted at any time
  • There is a thermal printer attached to the computer for printing out your images. Please try to limit the print outs. You should only need one print out for your lab book. If you would like more copies of your images, please take the file away and use your own printer
  • If you know you are the last user for the day, please turn off the system and shut down the computer

Tips and additional information

  • There are basic instructions for image capture and molecular weight overlay posted on the door of the system. Follow them before asking questions
  • If the system is turned off, the equipment needs to be turned on in the following order or it will not work properly:
  1. Turn on the computer
  2. Turn on the cabinet power switch (back right)
  3. Turn on the camera power switch (black box)
  4. Launch the AlphaEase FC Software