Beckman Coulter DU800 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer


  • UV and visible spectrophotometer (wavelength range: 190-1100nm)
  • PC computer with pre-installed software
  • Fixed Wavelength - Performs absorbance or % transmittance readings for up to 12 wavelengths simultaneously. A factor or custom formula may be applied to calculate final results
  • Wavelength Scan - Performs wavelength scans in Absorbance or % Transmittance. Acquired scan data are stored and may be used for various manipulations and calculations
  • Kinetics/Time - Simultaneously measures and analyses up to 12 rate reactions. Data can be reviewed in real time and automatically calculated and printed. The rate of the kinetic reaction is reported using a linear regression
  • Nucleic Acid Analysis - Measure nucleic acid concentrations and determines protein impurity in nucleic acid samples based upon the 260/280 ratio.
  • Nucleic Acid Analysis II software - Nucleic Acid Analysis with multiple ratios and other concentration calculations. DNA/RNA oligo quantitation modes to determine molecular weight, absorptivity (extinction coefficient), concentration, and the theoretical melting point for oligonucleotide DNA samples
  • Single Component Analysis - Determines the concentration of unknowns by either linear or non-linear (quadratic) regression and provides statistical analysis for the standard curve. The standard curve can have up to 30 standards. You can re-run any standard, remove or add standards, and have the instrument re-calculate the curve
  • Rapid modes - RediRead (for fixed wavelengths) and RediScan for wavelength scans) modes are available
  • Performance Validation - Provides a simple procedure to verify the performance of the instrument without standards or samples. Tests include: wavelength accuracy and repeatability, resolution, baseline flatness, noise, and stability
  • Spectral Bandwidth (from 200 to 680nm): <=1.8nm
  • Photometric Readout: -3.00 to 3.000A or 0.0 to 200%T

Use of the machine in the Molecular Biology Facility

The instrument can be used to perform spectrophotometric measurements in the UV and visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The focused microbeam design provides a wide linear range and other specific benefits for small volumes and precious samples. Online booking system (external website) is available. Please book the instrument before you use it.

All users must be trained in the operation of the instrument by the Molecular Biology Officer. Please contact the Molecular Biology Officer if you wish to be trained.