FLUOstar Omega Microplate Reader


  • Multifunctional microplate reader - UV/Vis absorbance, fluorescence intensity, Time-resolved fluorescence and luminescence
  • Full spectral absorbance from 220 – 850 nm at a resolution of 1 nm
  • Reads most microplate formats - from 6 to 384 wells
  • Top and bottom optics
  • High Energy Xenon Flash Lamp
  • Multichromatic / Multifluophore readings, up to 8 filter readings per method
  • Equipped with two built-in reagent injectors (3 to 350ul per well, 100 to 420 ul/s)
  • Integral Temperature Control Ambient +5 to 45C
  • Linear, orbital, and double-orbital shaking
  • Flying mode: 9s (96-well format), 16s (384-well format)


Use of the machine in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • Only Molecular Biology Facility registered users are allowed to use the microplate reader. All users must be trained by the Molecular Biology Officer in the use of the machine prior to use.
  • The plate reader is located in the Bosch Blackburn facility (Room 322, Blackburn building D06). There is online booking system for the microplate reader.
  • Use only the filters that are installed in the machine. If you need to use other filters, please contact the Molecular Biology Officer.
  • There are separate optics for fluorescence and luminescence. Once you have been shown how, you can change these yourself.

Tips and additional information

  • Use the Omega control software to operate the machine. A copy of "Quick Guide Omega Software" is available inside the user manual
  • Use the MARS Data analysis software to analyse the data. Please transfer and back up your data before you leave the machine
  • The default microplate format is 96-well. If you need to read 6-, 12-, 24-, or 48-well plate formats, you should use the spacers (metal rectangular pieces with a hole in the center) provided in the service box to raise the optic. The number of spacers used depends on how high the optic needs to be elevated (please check user manual for more details).