CHRIST ALPHA 2-4 LDplus Freeze Dryer

The ALPHA 2-4 LDplus is a universal laboratory freeze dryer for routine applications.


  • Easy-to-use and self explaining unit operation with the LDplus control system (Lyo-Display-plus). Graphic LC display shows the most important process data, e.g. ice condenser temperature, process time, section time and vacuum. Conversion of product temperature and vacuum according to the vapour pressure curve for ice.
  • Low ice condenser temperature allow drying of samples containing organic solvent (e.g. alcohols).
  • Vacuum control for optimisation/reduction of process times (electromagnetic pressure control valve available).
  • Total ice capacity: 4kg.
  • Ice Condenser Temperature: -85C
  • Ice Condenser Performance max: 4kg/24h
  • Shelf temperature when pre-freezing inside the ice condenser: Approx. -50C
  • Acrylic Chamber (diameter 300 mm, internal height 295mm) with 3 aluminium shelves with rim
  • Metal manifold with 8 rubber valves for the applications containing organic solvents
  • Base plate, valve sealings and outlet-tubes made of chemistry-resistant material
  • High performance chemically resistant Adixen rotary vane pump (Model 2005 C1): nominal pumping speed of 5.4m3/h.
  • Equipped with Pirani Chemistry Resistant Vacuum Sensor (measuring range 1000-0.001 mbar)

Online booking system (external website) is available. Please book the machine before use. Users are responsible for cleaning up the machine, including the ice condenser chamber, after use. Three CHRIST wide neck closed filter bottles (600ml) and guard nets are available for communal use.