Hirayama HV-50L Autoclave


  • 50 Litre capacity
  • Top-loading autoclave with fully automatic modes of operation.
  • Lid safety interlock prevents lid opening when a cycle is in progress, the chamber is pressurised, or when the temperature exceeds 97˚C.
  • An automatic timer allows you to begin operation at any desired time within a period of one week.
  • The autoclave can be set to automatically exhaust % inside the chamber at a desired rate (exhaust valve aperture) after sterilisation is over.

Use of the machine in the Molecular Biology Facility

  • There is a booking sheet at the front of this autoclave. Please sign in when you put something in the autoclave and sign out when you remove it.
  • Please use RO or deionised water to fill the chamber until you can see water through the hole at the centre of the Heater cover. Properties of water affects the lifetime of chamber!
  • Don't autoclave wastes in this machine, use the Astell Swiftlock autoclave for this purpose.
  • To start the machine, lock the door (slide the open/close lever to the LOCK side) , select a proper mode and press start.
  • The autoclave must cool down before you can open the door, therefore each run will take about one and half hours.
  • To open the machine, confirm that the display shows "OPEN" blinking and the gauge for pressure in the chamber reads "0MPa", then, unlock and open the lid.