Image of the Month 2019

October - RL95-2 Endometrium cell line

Image of the month

Image by Sadaf Kalam, Bosch Institute

RL95-2 endometrium cell line stained for actin with phalloidin (red) and DAPI (blue).

September - Skeletal Muscle (Mouse)

Image of the month

Image by Besa Beqaj, Physiology

Nuclei labelled with DAPI (blue), Laminin FITC (green) and embryonic myosin Cy3 (red).

August - Chordoma-a Rare but Deadly Spinal Tumour

Image of the month

Image by Christelle Fung Ka Yee and Stuart Fraser, Physiology

Chordoma cell line JCH7 was stained with phalloidin (cyan) to reveal the cytoskeleton and DAPI (yellow) to show the nucleus.

July - Uterine Epithelial cells

Image of the month

Image by Laura Lindsay and Chad Moore, Anatomy and Histology

Uterine epithelial cells stained with DAPI (nuclei), Phallodin (actin) and Keratin 15 (FITC).

June - Cilliary Process of the Eye

Image of the month

Image by Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Anatomy and Histology

This micrograph shows a frozen section of rat’s cilliary process that was stained with GS Lectin (Green), D2-40 (Red), AQP4 (Purple) and DAPI (Blue). It shows the interplay between blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and water transport channels in cilliary process.

May - Integrin β1 (red) on Day 6 of Pregnancy after Ovarian Hyperstimulation in the Rat

Image of the month

Image by L A Lindsay, Anatomy and Histology

An immunofluorescence micrograph showing the location of integrin β1 (red) on day 6 of pregnancy after ovarian hyperstimulation in the rat. The blue denotes nuclei.

The image occurs in an article by Lindsay et al. titled ‘Uterine focal adhesions are retained at implantation after rat ovarian hyperstimulation’

L A Lindsay, School of Medical Sciences (Anatomy and Histology)

April - Neon Streaks at Midnight

Image of the month

Image by Kristie Smith, Brain and Mind Centre

YFP expressing pyramidal neurons in the cortex of the adult mouse. Single slice image from a 5mm section of CUBIC cleared tissue captured using a 20x objective on an Ultramicroscope II.

March - More than Meets the Eye: Nox4 Deletion induces a Heterogenous cell population in Lens explants

Image of the month

Image by Shannon Das, Lens Research Laboratory, Anatomy and Histology

Nox4 deficient lens epithelial explants were cultured ex vivo and immunolabelled for the myofibroblast marker α-Smooth muscle actin (green), the lens fibre cell marker β-crystallin (red) and counterstained with hoechst (blue). Co-expression of these proteins suggest the development of a mixed cell population.

February - Rab13 E-cadherin

Image of the month

Image by Laura Lindsay, Murphy Lab, Anatomy and Histology

This frozen section through the rat uterus at the time of fertilization is fluorescently stained with Rab 13 (green) and E-cadherin (red).

January - Up in Purple Smoke

Image of the month

Image by Kristie Smith, Brain and Mind Centre

Microglial cells in the hippocampus of the adult mouse brain. Imaged with ionised calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 (Iba-1) and captured using a 40x objective on an MBF Stereo Investigator microscope.