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Menzies Centre for Health Policy

Menzies Centre for Health Policy

The Menzies Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) is the leading independent scholarly voice on health policy in Australia. It brings together scholars and practitioners with broad expertise in health policy, economics and health services research to produce high-quality analyses of current health policy issues, deliver annual public seminars, education programs and undertake comprehensive research projects. MCHP’s research program addresses five themes that include policies for health futures, value in health care, serious and continuing illness, equity and governance.

Dr Julie Schneider awarded Clarivate Analytics Women in Science Citation Award

Dr Julie Schneider

26 October 2016: The Menzies Centre for Health Policy is pleased to congratulate Dr Julie Schneider who received the Clarivate Analytics Women in Science citation award at the inaugural Women in Research Citation Awards late last week. The awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of early to mid-career women researchers in Australia in all fields of research in science, social sciences and the humanities. Julie has been quick to acknowledge the research she did at MCHP under Professor Steve Leeder, as contributing to her award. Julie spent several years with MCHP commencing with the Blue Mountains Eye and Hearing study in 2008 as a postdoctoral researcher, then taking the research lead for the NHMRC interdisciplinary partnership project Developing Service Policies for Australians with dual sensory impairment: An integrative collaborative pilot project from 2010 – 2013 (the partners were Vision Australia and the Australian Audiological Society of Australia). Julie currently holds a Lectureship in the Faculty of Health Sciences in Work Integrated Learning. She is also Deputy Chair of the Deafblind International Research Network, an initiative established to promote collaboration between researchers with shared interest in the topic of combined vision and hearing loss. We wish her continued success in her research career, contributing to this important field.

SPH research acknowledged in PMs Prize for Innovation

Professor Adam Elshaug

October 2016: Last week’s PM’s prize for Innovation was won by Professor Michael Aitken AM for his work to make the global stock markets fairer and more efficient. In the press release announcing this, and subsequent media exposure, Professor Aitken indicated that the Capital Markets CRC is now working towards applying similar innovations to detect fraud, abuse, waste and errors in Australia's large and fragmented health sector. I would like to draw your attention to the contribution being made to the Capital Market’s CRC by the Menzies Centre for Health Policy’s (MCHP) Co-Director, Professor Adam Elshaug whose world-leading research in the area of value in healthcare has seen him placed as one of the lead academic researchers for the CRC. Two MCHP PhD students Kelsey Chalmers and Tim Badgery-Parker are also part of this team, and both have current scholarships from the CRC.