Menzies Centre for Health Policy

The University of Sydney Menzies Centre for Health Policy

The Menzies Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) is the leading independent scholarly voice on health policy in Australia. It brings together scholars and practitioners with broad expertise in health policy, economics and health services research to produce high-quality analyses of current health policy issues, deliver annual public seminars, education programs and undertake comprehensive research projects. MCHP’s research program addresses five themes that include policies for health futures, value in health care, serious and continuing illness, equity and governance.

New Publication: Making sense of alcohol consumption data in Australia

Professor Farhat Yusuf

3 August 2015: Has alcohol consumption in Australia increased in recent years? Findings in a recent publication by Professor Farhat Yusuf and Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder suggest yes, with the prevalence of alcohol intake among those aged 15–19 years significantly higher than in adults. Read More

Remind me again, what’s the problem with hospital funding?

Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder

26 July 2015 State and territory leaders met in Sydney recently to nut out solutions to health and education funding gaps. But what exactly is the problem the leaders are trying to address? And how did we get into this mess? Emeritus Professor Leeder explores in a recent publication in The Conversation Read More