Emerging Health Policy Research Conference

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 - University of Sydney
8.30 am - 6 pm

Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub, Building D17, Johns Hopkins Drive, The University of Sydney

The 2016 conference showcased the work in progress of current masters, doctoral and early career research workers, as well as those new to the field of health policy research.

Keynote Presentation

Evidence and Influence- survival tucker for effective preventive health policy action

Influencing policy decisions towards effective preventive health actions requires three main types of evidence: identification of the problem (should something be done?); identification of priority areas for intervention (what should be done?); and identification of the context and design of interventions (how should something be done?). But closing the evidence-policy gap also requires an understanding, and harnessing, of political and policy decision-making processes. Forensic evaluation of implemented policy actions and opportunity costs is also critical to inform future policy cycles (what worked and why- what didnĀ¹t work and why not?). Drawing from real life examples, this presentation will provide practical sustenance to help build capacity and resilience in our collective research work to improve population health policy in Australia and beyond.

Professor Amanda Lee

Presented by Professor Amanda Lee

Professor Amanda Lee is a Public Health Nutritionist with more than 35 years experience as a pracademic in nutrition, obesity and chronic disease prevention, Indigenous health and public health policy. Among many appointments she was the chair of the NHMRC Dietary Guidelines Working Committee. With the people of Minjilang in the early 1990s her research demonstrated that marked, rapid, affordable improvements in objective indicators of nutrition and health status are possible in remote Aboriginal communities. Her recent work includes scoping the new national nutrition policy, finalising the Healthy Weight Guide website, assessing evidence to prioritise obesity policy actions in state jurisdictions and developing the Healthy Diets ASAP (Australian Standardised Affordability and Pricing) methods. Globally, she is one of the founding members of the International Network for Food and Obesity/non-communicable diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support (INFORMAS).

Conference Venue and Program

A copy of the conference program is available using the following link: conference program