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22 June 2017
Students set off on winter adventures

As we approach the mid-year winter break students are preparing to head out to gain hands-on experiences, learn new skills and make a difference in communities in Australia and abroad.

07 June 2017
Who will win the 2017 UK election?

As the UK prepares to head to the polls for the general election, University of Sydney experts weigh in with their predictions for the Prime Minister and the country's future.

05 June 2017
Bridging the academic-practice divide for global development

The Rt Hon Helen Clark will join executives and thought leaders of Australian NGOs and universities in a unique cross-sector program focused on partnership. 

26 May 2017
Australia returning to outer space

The Australian spacecraft INSPIRE-2, a project led by the University of Sydney, will be launched from the International Space Station.  

18 May 2017
So is the wave of populist nationalism finished? Hardly.

Despite centrist Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential election, Professor Pippa Norris, writing for the Washington Post, explains it's too early to herald the demise of populism.

16 May 2017
Senior judges from China visit Sydney to discuss future collaborations

Senior judges from the Supreme People’s Court of China visited the University of Sydney this week for discussions about potential collaborations in exchange, training and information sharing.

10 May 2017
5 things to know about Eurovision

Associate Professor Anika Gauja looks beyond the songs and smoke machines to explain what Eurovision tells us about politics and society today.

05 May 2017
Delegation heads to Harvard

Some of Sydney’s leading academics are taking part in a delegation to Harvard University this month, exploring potential links between the two universities.

21 April 2017
3 things you didn’t know about the 457 visa changes

The federal government will abolish the 457 visa, which will be replaced with two new visas. University of Sydney experts explain what the changes will mean for businesses and universities.

20 April 2017
Government’s 457 visa reforms threaten research

The federal government's proposals for replacing the 457 visa scheme could have unintended consequences for research, innovation and all Australians, writes Professor Duncan Ivison Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

13 April 2017
The origins of Easter

Have you ever wondered why we call it "Easter"? Professor Carole Cusack, from the Department of Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney, reflects on the origins of some of the more familiar elements of the Easter season.

30 March 2017
Mobile phones are not always a cure for poverty in remote regions

Mobile phones are often touted as technology that can help bring economic benefits to the poor. But the benefits to those living in rural and remote areas without other infrastructure are limited, writes Dr Petr Matous.

14 March 2017
Surf break discoveries create economic growth

A study of 5000 surf breaks around the world has found their discovery boosts economic growth, with Western Australia a hotspot for growth.

07 March 2017
The role of women in global agriculture

A/Prof Robyn Alders has dedicated her career to international development work with traditional smallholder farmers. This International Women's Day she writes about the essential role women play in feeding the world.

23 February 2017
Celebrating German-Australian connections

More than 50 German and Australian business leaders were introduced to ground-breaking research in nanoscale science and technology at an event held at the University of Sydney this week.

21 February 2017
Cutting-edge cameras reveal the secret life of dolphins

A world-first study testing new underwater cameras on wild dolphins has given researchers the best view yet into their hidden marine world.

20 February 2017
Student entrepreneur to connect with China's best and brightest

Zoe Neill, a second-year International Relations student from the University of Sydney, will join 67 other young entrepreneurs as part of this year’s China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP).

13 February 2017
New partners: University of Sydney and UNICEF Indonesia

The University of Sydney and UNICEF Indonesia have established a Knowledge Partnership to improve the health and well-being of Indonesian children and young people.

06 February 2017
University of Sydney and UC Davis sign partnership agreement

A new partnership agreement between the University of Sydney and the University of California, Davis will see academics benefit from new access to research collaborations and shared funding.  

03 February 2017
$10 million in new scholarships for international postgraduate students

International students will have even more reason to choose the University of Sydney for their postgraduate research degrees, with the announcement of 40 new fully-funded PhD scholarships available from 2017.