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21 April 2017
How the Paris attack will influence the French election

As Paris is rocked by a police shooting days out from the Presidential election, University of Sydney experts in security and politics weigh in on the corresponding security issues and implications.

17 March 2017
Is breaking the law ever justifiable?

In the wake of union boss Sally McManus' comments that it's okay to break "unjust" laws, Dr Kevin Walton from the Sydney Law School explores what duty to the law Australians really have.

08 March 2017
$55 million to develop transport systems of the future

The federal government has granted a group of leading industry and research organisations known as the iMOVE Co-operative Research Centre (CRC), $55 million over ten years to explore intelligent transport systems.

20 February 2017
It's goodbye to the Nationals unless they become a genuine country party

To win back its dwindling constituency, the Nationals would need to adopt some of the social justice policies espoused by Labor, writes Associate Professor Michael Hogan in The Guardian.

16 February 2017
How changing times made Australia’s political leaders more disposable

Politics was once a gentlemanly affair with leadership spills a rare sight; but times have certainly changed, writes Emeritus Professor Rodney Tiffen in this extract from his book Disposable Leaders: Media and Leadership Coups from Menzies to Abbott.

31 January 2017
Our role in 2017

"We are committed as a University to build a culture based on values of courage and creativity, openness and engagement, respect and integrity, and inclusion and diversity," says Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sydney. 

25 January 2017
Time for progressive fair trade policies

As US President Donald Trump rejects the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it's time to rethink trade policy and produce credible and inclusive fair trade, writes Dr Patricia Ranald in the Sydney Morning Herald.

24 January 2017
Give teachers more freedom

It's time to roll back curriculum constraints and give teachers the freedom to make their own professional judgements, writes Dr Nicole Mockler.

18 January 2017
Trump inauguration moves dial from rhetoric to reality

Trump gained power by magnifying the sense of national malaise – with a potent mix of populism, nativism, nationalism and conservatism, writes Professor James Curran in the Weekend Australian.    

12 December 2016
Principals and teachers report impact of school devolution on worklife

A collaborative University of Sydney project investigates the effects of devolved public secondary schools in NSW, WA, and Sweden. 

09 December 2016
Former PM Bob Hawke awarded honorary doctorate

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke AC received an honorary degree from the University of Sydney. Honorary degrees are awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the wider community.

06 December 2016
75 years on from Pearl Harbor

On December 7 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy launched an attack on a US naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Now, 75 years on, University of Sydney experts reflect on the impact of this historical event.

05 December 2016
Infrastructure: learning lessons from superannuation

Superannuation and infrastructure have a lot in common, and so they should: they represent two sides of the same coin. 

05 December 2016
Is the Australian housing market at risk of a collapse?

Understanding if a ‘housing bubble’ exists in the Australian housing market is the new focus of a University of Sydney complex systems research team.

04 December 2016
Australian gun laws may seed their own destruction

Of all Australia’s public health initiatives, our gun control laws are perhaps the most widely recognised and cited with pride. Yet they also contain the seed of their own destruction.

24 November 2016
Trump: Tragedy or farce?

As the world tries to determine what kind of President Donald Trump will be, Professor James Der Derian writes Trump's tale is not a new one for history.

17 November 2016
Keeping creativity in the classrooms

If politicians and industry want creativity and collaboration, why are we taking all the fun out of learning, ask Professor Robyn Ewing and John Saunders.

16 November 2016
A new temporary parent visa threatens to create second-class Australians

Migrants have welcomed a proposed long-term temporary visa for parents, but Australia should be wary of restrictions on residents in a democracy, writes Dr Anna Boucher and co-authors.

16 November 2016
How Australia can help America rebuild

The US should look to lessons from Australia's infrastructure story to help realise Trump's economic agenda, writes Garry Bowditch and Edward Blakely.

09 November 2016
University authors win PM’s Literary Awards

Three University of Sydney authors have been awarded Prime Minister’s Literary Awards across a number of categories for 2016.