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21 June 2017
Australia’s bulwark against the far right

Australia’s history of never having been a great world power works against the rise of populism and the far right, writes Dr David Smith in the New York Times. 

07 June 2017
Who will win the 2017 UK election?

As the UK prepares to head to the polls for the general election, University of Sydney experts weigh in with their predictions for the Prime Minister and the country's future.

05 June 2017
Bridging the academic-practice divide for global development

The Rt Hon Helen Clark will join executives and thought leaders of Australian NGOs and universities in a unique cross-sector program focused on partnership. 

31 May 2017
Why Trump demands a post-post-truth response

Is Donald Trump post-truth, post-modern or simply preposterous? What was a media spasm, has now reached impeachable levels of high crimes and misdemeanours, writes Professor James Der Derian.

29 May 2017
Five things you should know about the 1967 Referendum

As we celebrate 50 years since the 1967 Referendum let’s reflect upon some of the key facts from this important milestone in Australia’s journey towards reconciliation.

18 May 2017
So is the wave of populist nationalism finished? Hardly.

Despite centrist Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential election, Professor Pippa Norris, writing for the Washington Post, explains it's too early to herald the demise of populism.

16 May 2017
7 ways to navigate the post-truth debate

Are untruths the same as lies? As one of the researchers behind The Post Truth Initiative, Professor Nick Enfield from the Department of Linguistics explains how to distinguish fact from fiction.

15 May 2017
Policy sentiment rather than substance for housing affordability

Will the 2017 Federal Budget provide first home buyers some relief? Professor Peter Phibbs and Professor Nicole Gurran write on the Coalition Government's policy response. 

12 May 2017
Why media reform in Australia has been so hard to achieve

The government's proposed changes to media ownership laws are neither future-looking nor future-proofing, writes Associate Professor Tim Dwyer from the Department of Media and Communications.

10 May 2017
2017 federal budget explained: 6 things you need to know

What will the 2017 federal budget mean for you? From housing affordability and major infrastructure spending to the Medicare Rebate Scheme and tax breaks, University of Sydney experts share their insights on the budget.

10 May 2017
5 things to know about Eurovision

Associate Professor Anika Gauja looks beyond the songs and smoke machines to explain what Eurovision tells us about politics and society today.

01 May 2017
Vice-Chancellor receives Order of Australia at Government House

University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence was awarded an Australia Day Honour during a ceremony at Government House in Canberra. The award recognised his eminent service to the higher education sector.

21 April 2017
How the Paris attack will influence the French election

As Paris is rocked by a police shooting days out from the Presidential election, University of Sydney experts in security and politics weigh in on the corresponding security issues and implications.

17 March 2017
Is breaking the law ever justifiable?

In the wake of union boss Sally McManus' comments that it's okay to break "unjust" laws, Dr Kevin Walton from the Sydney Law School explores what duty to the law Australians really have.

08 March 2017
$55 million to develop transport systems of the future

The federal government has granted a group of leading industry and research organisations known as the iMOVE Co-operative Research Centre (CRC), $55 million over ten years to explore intelligent transport systems.

20 February 2017
It's goodbye to the Nationals unless they become a genuine country party

To win back its dwindling constituency, the Nationals would need to adopt some of the social justice policies espoused by Labor, writes Associate Professor Michael Hogan in The Guardian.

16 February 2017
How changing times made Australia’s political leaders more disposable

Politics was once a gentlemanly affair with leadership spills a rare sight; but times have certainly changed, writes Emeritus Professor Rodney Tiffen in this extract from his book Disposable Leaders: Media and Leadership Coups from Menzies to Abbott.

31 January 2017
Our role in 2017

"We are committed as a University to build a culture based on values of courage and creativity, openness and engagement, respect and integrity, and inclusion and diversity," says Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sydney. 

25 January 2017
Time for progressive fair trade policies

As US President Donald Trump rejects the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it's time to rethink trade policy and produce credible and inclusive fair trade, writes Dr Patricia Ranald in the Sydney Morning Herald.

24 January 2017
Give teachers more freedom

It's time to roll back curriculum constraints and give teachers the freedom to make their own professional judgements, writes Dr Nicole Mockler.