Work Health & Safety

The University has a statutory obligation to provide a safe working environment. The work health and safety policy and strategy, guidelines, forms, and other information are published on University WHS website.

The Faculty is committed to provide staff, students and visitors with a safe working environment. Safety in the Sydney Pharmacy School is a cooperative venture, and staff and students have obligations to contribute towards and maintain safety. Everyone has a role in keeping the Faculty community safe.

Safety Information

University resources:

Duty of Care Checklists

WHS forms, checklists & templates

Riskware Site
ChemAlert II Safety Database
A-Z of work health and safety information

Safety Governance, Management, Objectives & Key Focus Areas

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a part of an organisation’s overall management system used to manage health and safety. In the Faculty, Pharmacy Senior Executive Group (Pharm SEG) sets safety goals for the faculty, monitors safety performance and obtains regular report from Faculty Safety Officer on behalf of Faculty WHS Committee. Faculty WHS Committee sets safety goals and implements the SMS for different areas in the Faculty. The supervisors implement the SMS within their workgroup and refer issues that are beyond their control to the Faculty Safety Officer and Faculty WHS Committee.

WHS Governance & Management Structure

In line with the University’s current Safety, Health and Wellbeing Strategic Plan 2014-2016, the Sydney Pharmacy School is committed to the following strategic objectives to ensure that safety is a core value of the Faculty, resulting in a positive safety culture and a health, engaged community.

WHS Objectives